Sermons by Guest Speaker (Page 3)

Sermons by Guest Speaker (Page 3)

Guest Speaker

Mike Seaton: Dying to live

Jesus has done everything we need to be saved and we can not be saved by any good works that we do. How then do we reply to the statement, “It doesn’t matter if I sin because God will forgive me and he gets to show his grace more?” This passage deals with this question and looks at the implications for the Christian to be united with Christ, particularly united in his death and resurrection.

Greg Beaumont: Walk in Truth and Love

It shouldn’t surprise Christians that there are so many false teachers around. Jesus predicted it and many of the NT letters confirm his prediction. But what is the church to do in the face of false teachers? 2 John gives instructions to a church facing the imminent arrival of false teachers. John tells the church that they are to walk in truth and love! This means, firstly, that they are to lovingly watch themselves and each other to ensure that no one is deceived by false teaching and loses their reward. And secondly, that they are to be careful who they welcome into the church so that the precious truths of who Jesus is and what he has done can be preserved and treasured.

Peter Francis: Praying The Missional Heart Of God

Long before Jesus gave the ‘Great Commission’ he taught his disciples to pray the ‘Great Petition’, “Your Kingdom come, your will be done.” Such a prayer will always compel us to become shares in the mission of God in this world.

Bill Colyer: More Joy!

Often it seems that joy is hard to find and harder to keep. God invites us to a joy that thrives in hard places! What gives this kind of joy?

Khai Tan: Are your good deeds good enough?

We often think of ourselves as good people. Yet, we often fail. We feel bad. Most religions tell us to do better next time. We hope that our own efforts will give us credit before God. The Bible teaches us the exact opposite. In this passage, Paul uses his own life to show the foolishness of relying on our own merits to gain God’s favour. Jesus, the Son of God is the only perfect person ever lived. And He wants to OFFER YOU PERFECTION and a NEW LIFE if you follow Him. No more trying on your own. No more shame. No more guilt. What’s your response today?

Greg Beaumont: A wonderful picture of Christian relationship

Philemon is one of those books of the bible that you’d be forgiven for wondering “how on earth can I apply this to my life?” or even “what is this book doing in the bible in the first place?” But when you piece the story together about a runaway slave turn Christian returning to his old Christian master with a letter from the Apostle Paul – you might be surprised by what can be learnt about Christian relationships and the grace that empowers them.

David Lamont: 2016 – It’s all about Jesus

New Year’s resolutions fail. Permanent and lasting change only comes through Jesus, because he is supreme in everything and gives the power to change. Indeed, the whole universe, time etc. including our lives is not about us, but about Him, and about God’s plan to bring us into the kingdom of the Son he loves. Our response to this is to live accordingly based on the hope we have in the gospel and surrender every aspect of our lives to Him.

Ben Cumerford: Certain hope of glory despite present suffering

When we have a bit of time to step back and take a look at the big picture of our lives, we realise that life is full of ups and downs. For Christians, all these ups and downs fit into a bigger story. That’s because Christians have been adopted into God’s family and have graciously become his own children. That means that God is the true father of Christians, that Christians are now expected to live like they are in that new family, and because they’re in a new family they can expect new privileges. The main privilege Christians can expect is sharing in Christ’s glory, but that is a hope for the future while now Christians can expect suffering. But Christians can expect that the suffering they go through now is preparing them for the glory that is coming.