Sermons by Guest Speaker (Page 3)

Sermons by Guest Speaker (Page 3)

Guest Speaker

Greg Beaumont: No doubt

We live in a world where doubt is the default state. We are told that nothing can be truly be known. John pushes us to see that Christian’s have no reason for doubt by describing true faith in three areas – its origin, its object and its outflows. Finally, he wraps up by describing the witnesses for Christian faith. In all this he shows us that Christians can know for sure that we will inherit eternal life through Jesus Christ.

Ben Peacock: Keep calm, Jesus is on the throne

The book of Acts describes the ripple effect of the good news of God’s Kingdom launching in Jerusalem and spreading throughout Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth. The Church of Jesus Christ grew significantly during this time, however, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. There was also significant opposition, suffering and persecution that rose against the Church. As people who live in a ‘post Christian’ society, it’s very easy for us to fall into the trap of either running away from suffering or fighting against it. However, the book of Acts reminds us that God will grow his Church in spite of opposition to His Gospel message. The true hope that the Church has is found in Jesus’ promise that He will grow His Church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.

Greg Beaumont: Motivations to fight sin

The fight against sin in the Christian life is incredibly difficult. In this passage, John points out three objective realities to help motivate his readers to fight hard against sin. But not only this, John uses these objective realities to show that for a Christian, a life of ongoing sin is simply incompatible and that they should not be deceived by anyone who tells them different!

Peter Francis: Developing a fruitful faith

In these opening words of Peter’s second letter he is concerned to remind believers about the importance of having a growing and fruitful faith. Here Peter seems to draw our attention to three key things which will keep us growing in our faith: (1) Remembering the Foundations of our Faith; (2) Fostering the Fruit of our Faith and (3) Remembering the Future of our Faith.

Andrew Prince: God owes you no favours

Christians are to obey everything God has commanded in Scripture, and yet when they do they are simply doing their duty rather than something particularly commendable or worthy of reward.

David Lamont: Is life fair? Is God fair?

Jesus is confronted with unjust suffering and death caused by an evil tyrant. He addresses unjust suffering and death caused not just by people, but by natural disasters, and then issues a surprising challenge and gives a parable that illustrates the real issues from a divine perspective.

Greg Beaumont: Comfort in suffering

Suffering is really hard! But one of the challenges that can face Christian’s when suffering happens is their expectations. Should Christians expect suffering in their life? The Scriptures give a resounding ‘yes’! But even if our expectations are right, suffering is still difficult and painful and causes us at times to doubt God’s love, sovereignty and justice. In tonight’s passage our expectations of suffering are affirmed but we are also comforted by Paul as he gives purpose to the Christian’s suffering, affirms God’s justice in suffering, and points us to how the name of Jesus is glorified in our patient endurance of suffering.

Mike Seaton: Dying to live

Jesus has done everything we need to be saved and we can not be saved by any good works that we do. How then do we reply to the statement, “It doesn’t matter if I sin because God will forgive me and he gets to show his grace more?” This passage deals with this question and looks at the implications for the Christian to be united with Christ, particularly united in his death and resurrection.