Sermons by Michael Howell

Sermons by Michael Howell

Michael Howell

Justice and Justice Alone

Deuteronomy 16-21 Moses outlines the kind of leaders that God’s people will need if they are to maintain their distinctiveness from the nations. These leaders are responsible for ensuring that truth, justice and righteousness prevail in the land. Ultimately, these ideal leaders point us towards Jesus, the most just Judge, righteous King, true Prophet and faithful Priest.

The True Tabernacle

Various passages On Good Friday, we celebrate that because of Jesus, we can confidently enter into and enjoy the goodness and glory of God’s presence.

Found in Christ

Galatians 3:23-29 Whether or not we speak in these terms, every human being is on a search for our “true self.” But the Bible makes it clear that our search will always be futile while we remain disconnected from God. The key to discovering our true self is to understand who we are in Christ. In him, we truly find ourselves.

By Grace Alone

Deuteronomy 9:1-11:32 Once in the Promised Land, Israel would be tempted to boast that they had somehow earned the blessings they were experiencing. Moses warns the people against such boasting, reminding them of the ways they have sinned. If they deserve anything, it’s God’s judgement. The land, then, is given by grace. They receive blessing not because of their righteousness, but in spite of their unrighteousness. We are no different. Once dead in our sin, we are now blessed through…

Always Ready

1 Peter 4:7-11 In light of the fact that “the end of all things is near” (1 Peter 4:7), how should the church live? In these verses, Peter casts a vision of a church that is ready for Jesus to return. A ready church is praying, loving and serving.

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Deuteronomy 1-3 The opening chapters of Deuteronomy are essentially a history lesson. Moses helps the people look back to learn that God is both faithful to his promises and able to fulfill them. If the people are to succeed where their ancestors failed, they must trust him


Acts 16 How did God get your attention and show you that you needed Jesus? For the Philippian gaoler, it required an earthquake! As we celebrate baptisms together, let us consider how his story can encourage and challenge us.

In the Name of Jesus

Acts 3:1-10 As we begin another year of ministry as a church family, it is good to be reminded of the power and authority of Jesus’ name. It is by his strength and in his name that we serve each other and our world.


Philippians 1:3-11 Praying for each other: 1. The tone of Paul’s prayer: Gratitude, joy and confidence (3-6)2. The heart of Paul’s prayer: Deep love for the Philippians (7-8)3. The content of Paul’s prayer: Love informed by knowledge (9), Blamelessness (10), A harvest of godly action (11)