Sermons by Michael Howell

Sermons by Michael Howell

Michael Howell

A set-apart community

Exodus 35-39 Exodus 35-39 gives us a glimpse of what it can look like when God’s special people live out their special purpose in this world.


Romans 11:1-10 Part 3 of Paul’s argument in Romans 9-11. God’s grace to obstinate Israel is seen in his preserving a remnant. This message reminds us that at the heart of the gospel is grace – God’s kindness to undeserving sinners.


Romans 9:1-29, 11:33-36 This passage introduces a tension which the rest of Romans 9-11 seeks to resolve. How are we to reconcile the incredible promises and privileges given to Israel with their present rejection of the Messiah (and yet the Gentiles have received him)? Has God’s word failed? (9:6) Has God rejected his people? (11:1) Is there any future hope for Israel? (11:11) These questions and more are addressed in the chapters to follow, as Paul helps the Roman church…


Acts 9, 22 Ananias played a vital role in one of the most significant moments in church history. Today we’ll reflect on what it was that made Ananias just the right guy for this moment.

The Seven

Acts 6:1-7 A problem has arisen in the early church, a problem which has the potential to distract the church and its leaders from the ministry of the word. The choosing of “The Seven” models for us a way for churches to deal with distractions so that it is able to keep doing what God has called it to do.

Devoted to Prayer

Acts 2 and others On Pentecost Sunday, we begin a week of praying for revival. But what are we praying for when we pray for revival? We seek that God would do (1) His ordinary work (2) in an extraordinary way (3) that affects an entire community.


Luke 7:36-50 At a baptism, we see a person publicly declare their love for Christ. Why does someone do this? Indeed, why does anyone “go public” with their faith, whether in baptism, or simply by publicly living for Jesus in daily life? Because they know, like the woman in our story, that through Jesus, their many sins have been forgiven. To be loved and forgiven by Christ will overflow in the way we publicly love and live for Jesus.

The End of an Era

Deuteronomy 29-30 In these final scenes of Deuteronomy, we’re reminded of the uniqueness of Yahweh, the unique privilege of God’s people and the unique status of Moses the prophet. We’re left looking ahead in hope, for the day when the prophet like Moses would be revealed. In Jesus, all these hopes are not simply realised, they’re completely surpassed.

The Path to Life

Deuteronomy 29-30 As Moses reaches the end of his final “sermon” he calls Israel to a decision. Which path will they take? Will they embrace the grace being offered to them and choose life? Or will they turn from God and choose death?

Dining with Wisdom

Proverbs 8 & 9 Proverbs 8 and 9 paint a picture for us of Woman Wisdom and Woman Folly. Each of them calls us to dine with them, to learn from them, to be shaped by them. The choice for us is clear – will we choose wisdom or folly, life or death?