Sermons by Michael Howell

Sermons by Michael Howell

Michael Howell

No Barriers

Acts 8:26-40 The story of the baptism of the Ethiopian eunuch is a reminder that because of Jesus, there are no more barriers between us and God. In this story we see God overcome three barriers (1) the eunuch’s lack of understanding concerning Jesus, (2) the eunuch’s sin (3) the eunuch’s imperfect body (which excluded him from worship). There are no barriers which exist between us and God that God is not able to overcome. The eunuch’s response is to…

Joyful singing in evil times

Habakkuk 3 By the end of Habakkuk 3, through his conversation with God, the prophet has moved from his initial state of perplexity and questioning, to a state of confident joy. How? By looking ahead (2:6-20), looking back (3:2-15), and looking up (3:16-19), Habakkuk learns to confidently and joyfully trust God despite the darkness and evil that looms over him and his people.

Learning to live by faith

Habakkuk 1-2 Habakkuk comes to God with a complaint. There is injustice all around. God’s answer is that he is preparing the Babylonians to be an instrument by which he judges his own people. This solution seems perplexing to Habakkuk! God’s answer in Ch 2 helps Habakkuk see that he is not ignorant, nor inactive, or absent. He will bring justice. Several woes are pronounced by the survivors of Babylon’s violence (2:6-20). The righteous, meanwhile, are called to live by…

The day of the Lord is near

Zephaniah 1:1-2:3 In response to Judah’s sin, God announces that he will judge his people. Zephaniah highlights the reasons for and nature of this judgement, while in 2:1-3, there is a glimmer (if nothing more) of hope for the righteous remnant. The themes of God’s comprehensive judgement and hope will come out again in part two, next week.

Sharing in the Gospel

Romans 15:23-33 Gospel partnership is characterised by the sharing of an ambition, the sharing of spiritual and material blessings, and the sharing in the struggle of prayer.