Sermons on Deuteronomy

Sermons on Deuteronomy


Hear, O Israel…

Deuteronomy 6 speaks to a generation who need to hear and remember the story of God’s salvation if they are going to love God and live for him wholeheartedly. Like them, we need to pass on the story of God’s salvation, through Jesus Christ, from generation to generation.

How Can We Experience Life?

After forty years of wandering in the wilderness, it is finally time for Israel to take possession of the land promised to their ancestors. But before they go into the land, Moses speaks to them, reminding them that they have a choice. They must choose between life and death. Join us as we listen to what Moses has to say, and hear him urge his people to choose life. Let us be reminded that we also face a choice in our lives, a choice with life or death consequences. Which will you choose?

The Goal of Christian Parenting

When it comes to raising our kids there are a great number of ideas about what is important for us as parents to aim for. Listen as Pastor Dave shares from Deut 6:1-9 about hat the Bible says should be the goal of Christian Parenting.