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The LORD has spoken

Isaiah 1:1-31This message begins a new series from the book of Isaiah, apart from the Psalms, the longest in the Old Testament. Of all the OT books, Isaiah most clearly points us to Christ and the gospel of God’s saving grace. As a prophet Isaiah’s task was to declare faithfully and courageously what God was saying to the people of Jerusalem and Judah …. and to us today. In this message we see the LORD exposing three key areas of…

What difference does knowing Jesus make?

John 15:1-17 When Jesus calls us to follow Him, He is calling us to a changed life, and this process of change the Bible calls holiness (or sanctification). Because of ingrained sin and its devious influence, there is always work for the Holy Spirit to do in us in order to “conform us to the image of Christ” (Romans 8:29). Slowly but surely, as the Spirit exposes our sin, we are to take whatever steps are necessary to kill off…

Why is the cross such a big deal?

1 Corinthians 1:18-31All over the world the cross is the most distinct symbol of Christianity. But why? In this message we see that the cross is actually the one great historic act of salvation that the whole Bible points to, and that sets Christianity apart from all other religions. Mankind’s greatest need is not a new, improved version of society, but every individual person (including each one of us) saved from their sins. And that is only possible through what…

Can we trust the Bible today?

2 Timothy 3:14-4:5 For some people the Bible is just another book and it contains errors of science, history and grammar. Others have a much higher view and believe it implicitly. But why should we trust it? What makes it different from every other book ever written? Is it really God’s Word to us? In this message Pastor Murray looks at how we got the Bible and why we can be confident that it is the inspired, infallible, authoritative Word…

Ready for the fight

Ephesians 6:10-24 There are many different ways of describing the Christian life (think ‘lying down in green pastures’, running a long distance race, working out in a gym), but in today’s message Paul describes it as a full-on battle. Why? Because we have a very formidable enemy in the the devil and his team looking for every opportunity to bring us down. He is clever, crafty and powerful, and will use the most devious tactics against us. He knows our…