What We Believe

What We Believe

Statement of Faith

Find out what City North’s Statement of Faith says about:

  • the Scriptures
  • the Godhead
  • the Lord Jesus Christ
  • the Holy Spirit
  • humanity
  • salvation
  • Satan
  • the Church
  • ordinances.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of City North Baptist Church is to glorify God by –

  1. The worship of God
  2. The preaching and teaching of the whole Word of God
  3. The building up of men and women in the Christian faith
  4. The equipping of God’s people for Christian service
  5. The encouraging of regular attendance of people for the public worship of God
  6. Working together to extend the Kingdom of God in our own locality and throughout the whole world
  7. The promotion of practical Christian love, care and fellowship

Core Values

The following core values define the kind of church we want to be and will inspire our commitment to City North Baptist Church.

  1. Passionate Love for God
  2. Transformation through the Bible
  3. Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit
  4. Confidence in the Gospel
  5. Boldness in Prayer
  6. Genuine Relationships
  7. Maximised Participation
  8. Servant Leadership
  9. Cultural Engagement
  10. Down-to-Earth Style

Read more about City North’s full core values and their accompanying Biblical references.