Sermons by Dave Herron

Sermons by Dave Herron

Dave Herron

The Word

Listen as Pastor Dave continues our advent series by showing how Jesus is the final word to us on God and our sin.

Christian Thankfulness

Listen as Pastor Dave shares how thankfulness is more than just good manners, but actually part of the Christian experience. God’s people are called to be thankful, and we have so much to be thankful for.

The Promised One

We all know the pain of waiting. But what about waiting for over 400 years! God’s people had been waiting for the messiah, the promised one. Listen as Pastor Dave shows how Jesus is this promised one and how all our needs are met in Him.

The rich young ruler

Listen as Pastor Dave looks at three reasons the rich young ruler failed to gain the certainty he so desperately longed for.

Ahaziah’s downfall

Listen as Pastor Dave shares a warning from 2 Kings 1:1-18 about rejecting God’s grace and ignoring His word.

Faithfulness matters

Listen as pastor Dave looks at three temptations God’s people face when their lives are not directed by his Word.

Radical Love

Jesus calls his followers to a radical kind of love. A love that extends even to their enemies. Listen as Pastor Dave unpacks what it means to follow Jesus as we seek to love our enemies.

Hebrews 12:14-29

Listen as Pastor Dave continues our study into the book of Hebrews focusing on what God has done for us and how we might live in response.

Praying for help

In the Psalms we find great encouragement in the prayers of God’s people. We learn what it means to be in close relationship with God and how we too can be confident that he hears us and answers our prayers. Listen as Pastor Dave shares from Psalm 17 how King Davids prayer for help turned to an expression of hope and praise to the living God.