City North Staff

City North Staff

City North is led by a team of pastors and elders (known as the Church Council) who are appointed by and accountable to the members.

Members Meetings are held four (or more) times a year, where the pastors and elders report on matters affecting church life and seek the support of the members on any major issues as required.

Michael Howell


Michael is married to Kathryn and they have two children.

Michael joined the team at City North in 2014 as an Associate Pastor and was called to the role of Senior Pastor in 2020. Michael oversees the teaching of the church, Sunday services and pastoral care.

John Spranklin


John is married to Megan and they have 3 young children.

John joined the team at City North in 2017. John serves among the young families by overseeing children’s ministries, teaching and pastoral care.

Karl Scott


Karl joined the City North team in 2021 after completing his studies at Malyon College.

Karl serves the teenagers at City North by overseeing Youth Group and Teen Church programs. He also serves in the local High School by coordinating the RI program.