Sermons by Guest Speaker (Page 2)

Sermons by Guest Speaker (Page 2)

Guest Speaker

Greg Beaumont: Confident evangelism

Evangelism is the kind of topic that often induces fear into the hearts of Christians – even mature Christians. Yet it is something that we are all called to – Acts 1:8 tells us that we are all called to be Jesus’ witnesses to the world. We often fall down in this area because we lack confidence. Some of us are just not outgoing people, we have different levels of biblical knowledge, and others of us have a real fear of rejection and don’t want to feel a sense of failure if the person we share our faith with reject Jesus. So how are we to overcome these reasons for our lack of evangelism? How are we to evangelise with real confidence? The beginning of Acts tells us that we can have confidence, but not in ourselves! Instead we can have confidence in our message, in the power behind the mission, and in the success of the mission.

Greg Beaumont: Remember where you came from

So often as Christians we can forget where we came from. We can start to think of ourselves as superior to those around us in the church and in the world. The author of the first gospel invites us in to his own story – where he came from – and here, as Christians today we are given a reminder of where we came from too. We are sinners who have been miraculously called by Jesus. The more we ponder this wonderful and God glorifying truth, the more our own foolish pride is stripped away and we are readied as a church to go to the same uncomfortable places that Jesus went in his mission to save humanity.

Greg Beaumont: The secret righteousness of the King’s people

Jesus has just given a massive lesson on Kingdom ethics and he finishes with those daunting words “Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect”. In Matthew 6:1-18 Jesus piles even more on top of us – we can’t just strive for perfect actions but we need perfect motives too otherwise we will get no heavenly reward. This all seems too much, except that Jesus tells us that these expectations are played out in relationship with God – our loving heavenly Father – who sent his son to die for us. What a joy it is to seek to please a Father like this!

Greg Beaumont: The Passover

The Exodus story is one of many big “movie moments”. But perhaps there is no moment bigger in the Exodus story than that of the final plague and Passover. There are many things that we can learn about God from this massive moment: His power, his judgment, the freedom he secures for his people from suffering. But there is a bigger lesson to be learned in this passage. As we look at the plague and the Passover meal we discover that Israel has a much larger problem than Pharaoh and that this problem isn’t isolated to them alone – it is the fundamental problem that all humanity faces, including us today. Thankfully the Passover Lamb offers the solution.

Peter Francis: Don’t waste the grace

In this message we look at Jesus’ gracious second call to the Apostle Peter to “Follow him”, even after Peter had three times denied him. Much had changed during the past 3 ½ years between this call and Jesus’ first call to him beside the Sea of Galilee. What caused Peter to finally come to understand the gift of God’s grace? What caused him to realise this gift of grace was not just for him to receive, but for him to pass on to others, so that they in turn might become the recipients of this amazing grace? In this message we seek to find some answers and at the same time find much that challenges our hearts about what it means to live in and by this grace.