Sermons on 2 Kings

Sermons on 2 Kings

2 Kings

Simple salvation for a Syrian soldier

2 Kings 5 is the riveting story of the healing of Naaman, the Aramean (Syrian) military commander. Naaman is introduced to us as a powerful, important, successful, influential man who is master of his own destiny. But he has leprosy – a problem that renders him weak, helpless and dying. This is a story full of irony in which the solution to his problem is, in every way, not what he expects. Naaman is humbled, he is healed, and he acknowledges the God of Israel as the one true God, and commits himself to staying devoted to him.

“And Elijah went up to heaven”

There comes a time when everyone has to face their own mortality. Often this happens when attending a funeral or, even more confronting, seeing a coffin lowered into a grave. But is this “the end”? The story of Elijah’s departure from this world is definitely unusual but it raises some very interesting questions about end-of-life issues. Certainly the Bible doesn’t give us answers to all these questions, but in tonight’s message Pastor Murray removes some of the fog around some of them. Heaven is a reality, and the prospect of eternal life should be a powerful incentive for everyone whose confidence is firmly anchored in the living Lord Jesus Christ.

Ahaziah’s downfall

Listen as Pastor Dave shares a warning from 2 Kings 1:1-18 about rejecting God’s grace and ignoring His word.