Sermons on Luke (Page 3)

Sermons on Luke (Page 3)


The Promised One

We all know the pain of waiting. But what about waiting for over 400 years! God’s people had been waiting for the messiah, the promised one. Listen as Pastor Dave shows how Jesus is this promised one and how all our needs are met in Him.

Radical Love

Jesus calls his followers to a radical kind of love. A love that extends even to their enemies. Listen as Pastor Dave unpacks what it means to follow Jesus as we seek to love our enemies.

Forgiven much

Baptism Service: Public displays of affection are not all that common in Australia. We tend to keep our affections for others relatively private. But in baptism, the Christian stands up in public to declare their love for Jesus and their desire to live their life for him. What would lead someone to declare their love for Jesus in such a public way? The Bible answers that question for us. Listen to a story about a woman who came to Jesus and unashamedly displayed her love for Him.

Rejoice with me!

Baptism is one of the great symbols of the Christian faith, representing both the reality of sins forgiven, and the fact that a Christian has died to the old life of sin and been raised to new life with Christ. And our rejoicing tonight, as we witness several baptisms, is also a symbol which represents the fact that God himself rejoices with his angels when sinners repent. What a great privilege it is to rejoice together as we consider the good work God has done in these young people!

Expectations & Doubt

Listen as Pastor Dave looks at what Jesus encounter with John the Baptists disciples teaches us about dealing with doubt.

Childlike Faith

How do we enter the kingdom of God? Jesus says that to answer this question, we need to look at a little child. Listen as we consider what it means for us to have a childlike faith.

True thankfulness

Listen as we explore the story of the healing of the ten lepers and consider what it has to teach us about being truly thankful for what God has done for us.

Hearts Warmed Up

At the end of Luke 23, things look pretty bad for Jesus’ followers. They have seen him, the one who was meant to redeem Israel, tortured and crucified. They are grief stricken (23:48). And yet, by the end of Luke 24, we read this; “And they stayed continually at the temple, praising God” (24:53). What has happened? How do these cold, sad hearts become warm, joyful hearts? The answer, of course, is that the Crucified King has become the Risen King! Listen as we explore Luke 24 and consider what Jesus’ followers saw that made their cold hearts warm.

Why Christians Are (or should be) Optimists

Christianity is a religion of hope! Christians should be people of joy! Why? Because of the resurrection of Jesus. The resurrection is the ultimate game-changer that validates Jesus Christ and His message in a way that nothing else does. In today’s message Pastor Murray explores what it is about the resurrection that makes it so significant. It guarantees the forgiveness of our sin …. the certainty of heaven …. the future destruction of Satan, evil and death. But more than that, it gives us a reason for living with courage and purpose in the 21st century. Jesus is alive! He is Lord and King. One day He’s coming back. And that changes everything!

His Cross, Our…

The cross of Christ is the centre of Luke’s Gospel, the centre of our Christian faith and the centre of history. But what does it mean to you? Listen as we explore the meaning of the cross for us.

Loved by the King

Jesus died for us guilty sinners. Like Judas the betrayer, Peter the denier and even the soldiers who mocked him, we are guilty of sin, yet because of his love our guilt can be taken away. How will you respond to the love of Jesus?