Sermons on Luke (Page 2)

Sermons on Luke (Page 2)


Not my will but yours

Luke 22:39-46 Listen in on Jesus praying in the Garden. The pain of his prayer reminds us of what was about to happen at the cross, and it challenges us to think about our own sin and where we stand with God.

Joy for a discouraged world

As we read the Christmas story in the gospels of Matthew and Luke, it is impossible to not see the note of joy that pervades the coming of Jesus into the world. The birth of any baby is a good reason for joy, but there were even greater reasons in the case of Jesus. That’s why angels announced His arrival and choirs of angels sang. That’s why shepherds became so excited and magi travelled 100s of kilometres following a new star. A Saviour-Messiah-King had been born who would take away sin and transform the lives of people throughout the world. As we reflect back on that day, what better reason for us to be joyful today? Don’t miss out on the joy of Christmas. Jesus came for us, too!

Peace for a troubled world

“Peace, peace… perfect peace” is one of the most elusive longings of our age. Whether we’re talking about the world stage, the workplace, the family or the inner thoughts of the human mind, there is a longing for peace. But is it possible? In the Old Testament the word “shalom” was used to describe this deep contentment of heart and mind, and God wanted to give this to His people. Where could it be found? At the coming of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, the angels announced “peace on earth to those on whom His favour rests”. Jesus came to make peace possible… firstly between God and us, secondly between us and others, and thirdly within ourselves. Jesus truly is the peace-maker. Have you found peace in Jesus this Christmas?

Is eternal life possible?

(Baptismal service) Sometimes you can’t help asking the big questions of life. Is there a God? … What’s the meaning of life? … Is there life after death? One day a young man asked Jesus one of these questions: What must I do to inherit eternal life? It’s obvious from the story that he was a decent chap with good morals and a social conscience. But still he had nagging doubts about whether he was doing enough to get into heaven. What Jesus said to him that day was devastating. Jesus made him realise that for all his supposed goodness, he really wasn’t even close to being good enough to get there. Only a miracle of God could make it possible! And that’s why we all need to be saved by faith in Jesus Christ. It’s not about what we do, but all about what He has done.

Andrew Prince: God owes you no favours

Christians are to obey everything God has commanded in Scripture, and yet when they do they are simply doing their duty rather than something particularly commendable or worthy of reward.

David Lamont: Is life fair? Is God fair?

Jesus is confronted with unjust suffering and death caused by an evil tyrant. He addresses unjust suffering and death caused not just by people, but by natural disasters, and then issues a surprising challenge and gives a parable that illustrates the real issues from a divine perspective.

A matter of priorities (Martha and Mary)

More and more today people are struggling because of the stress of 21st century life. Whether it’s anxiety, depression or burnout, the pace of life is taking its toll. Task-oriented achievers who like to be busy are particularly susceptible. Martha was one of these people, and in today’s message we see how Jesus had to gently rebuke her because her busyness was actually holding her back from spending quality time with Jesus Himself. Her priorities were wrong. A little later we see how her sister Mary expressed her devotion to Jesus by “wasting” her most valuable perfume on Him! Are you a busy person? Remember, make sure you don’t neglect having a regular time with the Lord, and always give Him your very best. This is the best way to stress-proof your life.

Christian Thankfulness

Listen as Pastor Dave shares how thankfulness is more than just good manners, but actually part of the Christian experience. God’s people are called to be thankful, and we have so much to be thankful for.