Sermons on Luke

Sermons on Luke



Luke 8:22-25 In this powerful demonstration of his authority over nature, Jesus asserts his claim as the Creator of all things. The question is: Can we put our trust in him who has complete control in all situations?

Authority over Spiritual Powers

Luke 4:31-37 Throughout Luke’s gospel, we see Jesus doing many incredible things. From calming storms, to raising people from the dead, to forgiving sins; many of these bold claims keep us wondering “just who is this Jesus?”. As we explore the account of Jesus casting out a demon in Capernaum, we are going to see just what implications Jesus’ authority over all spiritual powers has for Christians.


Luke 7:36-50 At a baptism, we see a person publicly declare their love for Christ. Why does someone do this? Indeed, why does anyone “go public” with their faith, whether in baptism, or simply by publicly living for Jesus in daily life? Because they know, like the woman in our story, that through Jesus, their many sins have been forgiven. To be loved and forgiven by Christ will overflow in the way we publicly love and live for Jesus.

Which Jesus do you believe in?

Luke 24:13-35 “Which Jesus do you believe in?” Every single person must answer that question at some point in their lives. Was he just a good man? Was he a gifted teacher? A prophet? A myth? Or was he truly the Son of God? As we explore Luke’s account of the Emmaus Road encounter, we’re going to see how Christ’s resurrection changes the way everyone must view Jesus.


Luke 19:28-44 As Jesus approached Jerusalem riding on a young donkey, the crowd of excited pilgrims and disciples shouted praises to God. It was as if they were welcoming a royal procession. But will they recognise Jesus as the righteous and victorious King?

Have we misidentified Jesus?

Luke 18:31-43 As we open our Easter series in the book of Luke, it’s important to reflect on exactly who Jesus is. While the question may sound simple, perhaps the Jesus we have in our heads isn’t quite the whole picture of the chosen Messiah spoken about in the Bible. In this account of Jesus’ interaction with the blind beggar, we see that in order to recognise the real Jesus, we must understand his authority, mercy, and mission.