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Sermon Archive (Page 43)

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Knowing The “Right One”

While the prospect of marriage is usually very exciting, being sure about whether to propose or accept a proposal can cause a lot of anxiety. Can you really know when you’ve found the “right one”? What qualities should you be looking for? What pitfalls should you avoid? Is there a process you can follow? And where does God fit into all of this? In this message Pastor Murray shares very practically from his years of experience in dealing with young adults and preparing them for marriage.

Jesus Redeems

Jesus is our great rescuer! He came down into our situation in order that he might lift us out of it. He did what we were powerless to do, he saved us from the slavery to sin and death. He is our great high priest. Listen as Pastor Dave looks at why Jesus both redeems and transforms our humanity.

The Danger Of Drifting Away

Very few Christians suddenly decide to abandon their faith. A far greater danger is a gradual drifting away from Christ as life gets busy, distracted, hard, complicated ….. (you fill in the space!). But how does this happen? And what can we do to prevent it? In today’s message we see how the writer to the Hebrews suggests two key ways to stop this drift. Firstly, to realise just how great Jesus is. Nobody, not even angels, come close. Secondly, to appreciate just how wonderful is the salvation Jesus offers. Jesus really is the anchor for the Christian life, to keep us safe and strong in the storms of life. So how’s your relationship with Christ today?


There are so many different approaches to dating in our world. And with so many opinions and dating “strategies” out there, it can make us wonder how we should approach dating as Christians. Listen as we think about some of the biblical principles for dating as well as some of practical guidelines to help us approach dating in a way that honours God.

Who are you listening to?

In a world where there are so many conflicting voices crying out for our attention, there is one voice more than any other that we need to be listening to – God’s voice. The book of Hebrews begins with a clear message ….. God has spoken to us. In times past He spoke through the prophets, and we have this message recorded for us in the Old Testament. But then God did the unthinkable. He spoke to the human race through the person of His own divine Son, Jesus Christ. In Jesus – His life, His words, His death and resurrection etc – God has spoken most fully and finally. We don’t need a new word from God today. But we do need Jesus. Are you listening to Him?

Making the most out of Singleness

The word “singleness” strikes fear into the hearts of the vast majority of young adults (and many of those who are older, too!). The prospect of never marrying can be very depressing. And for those who want to honour God in the matter of relationships, the advice is very different from simply joining an online dating service or joining the workmates for a Friday night of clubbing. In this message Pastor Murray shares some guidance from the Bible, warns about some lies Satan uses to deceive us, and offers some practical advice to help us avoid the pain of singleness, and instead, shows how to use it positively in growing closer to Christ and serving Him.

Work while you wait – How Christians should wait for Jesus return

How should Christians wait for Jesus to return? Jesus taught his disciples that we should work, while we wait. He has given us responsibilities and opportunities to serve him while we wait. Listen as Pastor Dave shares from Matthew 25:14-30 and provides seven stewardship lessons for those waiting for Jesus to return.

Sexual Purity

Tune in as Pastor Dave tackles the topic of sexual purity and ‘the line’ in relationships with an interactive Q&A. Answers to Q&A

Survival Guide for Motherhood

Mothers are amazing people! Their role requires great selflessness, versatility and perseverance, plus huge reserves of physical and emotional energy. It’s definitely not a job for the faint-hearted. But it is also arguably the most important job in the world …. and potentially the most rewarding! With family life becoming more and more complicated today, and so many so-called “family life experts” dispensing their sometimes-dubious “wisdom”, there is a great need for clarity on this subject. In this message Pastor Murray shares eight valuable guidelines to help Christian mothers find sanity and fulfilment in their role in the 21st century.

Building Loving Relationships

We all want to have good quality, loving relationships, but sometimes relationships can just seem like hard work. As we begin our new relationships series tonight, we’re asking the question, “how do we build loving relationships?” Listen as we consider God’s wisdom for answering this question.

The radically changed life

Christians come in many different guises and we should not expect Christians to be clones of one another. How boring would that be! And what would that say about God’s creativity? However there are several life-changing factors that ought to be true in the experience of every Christian. Firstly, there is an initial life-changing encounter with Jesus. Secondly, there is a new, life-changing motivation for living. And thirdly, there is a life-changing message to be shared with others. “If anyone is in Christ he (or she) is a new creation. The old has gone, the new has come.” (v.17). You simply cannot be the same after personally encountering Christ. By the way, what difference has Christ made in your life?