Sermon Archive (Page 41)

Sermon Archive (Page 41)

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Hearts Warmed Up

At the end of Luke 23, things look pretty bad for Jesus’ followers. They have seen him, the one who was meant to redeem Israel, tortured and crucified. They are grief stricken (23:48). And yet, by the end of Luke 24, we read this; “And they stayed continually at the temple, praising God” (24:53). What has happened? How do these cold, sad hearts become warm, joyful hearts? The answer, of course, is that the Crucified King has become the Risen King! Listen as we explore Luke 24 and consider what Jesus’ followers saw that made their cold hearts warm.

Why Christians Are (or should be) Optimists

Christianity is a religion of hope! Christians should be people of joy! Why? Because of the resurrection of Jesus. The resurrection is the ultimate game-changer that validates Jesus Christ and His message in a way that nothing else does. In today’s message Pastor Murray explores what it is about the resurrection that makes it so significant. It guarantees the forgiveness of our sin …. the certainty of heaven …. the future destruction of Satan, evil and death. But more than that, it gives us a reason for living with courage and purpose in the 21st century. Jesus is alive! He is Lord and King. One day He’s coming back. And that changes everything!

His Cross, Our…

The cross of Christ is the centre of Luke’s Gospel, the centre of our Christian faith and the centre of history. But what does it mean to you? Listen as we explore the meaning of the cross for us.


Guest Speaker Brendan from the Sydney Missionary Bible College shares with us the true cost of following Jesus.

Loved by the King

Jesus died for us guilty sinners. Like Judas the betrayer, Peter the denier and even the soldiers who mocked him, we are guilty of sin, yet because of his love our guilt can be taken away. How will you respond to the love of Jesus?

The Holy Spirit at Work

With the news of His imminent death sinking in, Jesus wanted to encourage His disciples, so he spoke to them about the Holy Spirit who would come to them after he had gone. And what a difference the Spirit would make to their lives and ministry! Jesus highlighted two things in particular: His work of convicting unbelievers about their need for salvation in Jesus, and His work of enabling believers to discover more and more of the truth and glory that are found in Jesus. The Holy Spirit is essential in bringing people to faith, and also in keeping them growing in their faith. Those original disciples needed to hear that message. And we do, too!

Pauline Otte: Life Without Mirrors

Recorded at Women of Purpose 2015: How does the Cross answer our big questions: Who am I? How am I feeling? Does it matter anyway? In a culture continually calling us to look at ourselves, the Cross calls us to shift our gaze to find our true story.

Panel: Living Significance

Recorded at Women of Purpose 2015: Women spend a lot of time thinking about what we should be doing: Which role? What takes priority? A panel of women with jobs, children and Christian ministry callings (or all three) share.

Fiona Millar: Enter Freedom

Recorded at Women of Purpose 2015: Christ calls us to live in freedom as we sacrifice and serve one another. This elective will look at how we can live abundantly for others and shift beyond self-condemnation, martyrdom and resentment.