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Sermon Archive (Page 42)

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Showing Grace To An Immoral World

There is very little shame these days when it comes to sexual immorality. Promiscuity is taken for granted as a legitimate lifestyle choice. But how should Christians react? In today’s message Pastor Murray addresses this question as he unpacks the story of Jesus’ encounter with an adulterous woman. Rather than throw the legal book at her, as the religious ‘police’ wanted, Jesus chose to forgive her. Even though totally undeserving, she heard those amazing words of Jesus: “Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more”. That’s grace! Have you responded to that grace personally? If so, are you passing it on to others?

The Great Invitation

Jesus has always been a controversial figure. And even today the opinions about Him are many, varied, and often strongly held. But before we jump to any conclusions about Him we should at least try to understand His message. In today’s passage we hear that message as Jesus calls people who are thirsty to: “Come to me and drink”. Not because they are physically thirsty but spiritually thirsty. People who have tried and failed to satisfy themselves with the material, personal and social “stuff” that life offers. Jesus offers to fill that “God-shaped vacuum” inside the human heart which only He can fill. He knows our deepest needs and kindly offers to meet them if we will sincerely “believe” in Him. This is a wonderful life-transforming invitation, almost too good to be true, and He is still offering it to us today. Perhaps there is “something missing” in your life. Have you considered Jesus?

The Good Samaritan

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could choose our neighbours? You could choose those who were pleasant and easy to get along with, but ignore those who weren’t! That’d be a perfect neighbourhood! There was an expert in the law who came to Jesus who wanted to live in a perfect neighbourhood. He knew that the Bible said he had to love his neighbour and he thought that if he could just choose nice neighbours, loving them would be a whole lot easier! But Jesus had news for him. He told him a story which challenged him to think differently about his neighbourhood and how he should be loving his neighbours. Sometimes we want to pick and choose the people we allow into our lives. People that are nice to us and don’t cause too many headaches are welcome but the different, the difficult and the dirty are not. Are we any different to the expert in the law? Listen as Pastor Michael explores the parable of the Good Samaritan. Let us consider what response this parable demands of us today

Honour your Father and your Mother

The “traditional” family seems to be on the way out and the “modern” family, with all its variations, is in. But cohesion and stability within the family is still the bedrock of society. This is why the ancient commandment to “Honour your father and your mother” is still so important. In today’s message Pastor Murray examines some key texts around this topic and suggests practical ways by which we can all live out the intention of this commandment. And for those from broken and dysfunctional families there’s some helpful teaching also.

Who Am I?

“Who am I?” A simple question, but, as Christians, a very important one to ask. We must understand who we are, because who we are affects how we live. Peter knew this, so he says to his readers, “Remember who you are!” What he has to say is just as true for us today as it was for the church in Peter’s day. Listen as Pastor Michael explores what Peter has to say about our identity as Christians. Let us consider how our identity will affect the way we live.

What Difference Does The Resurrection Make?

In many ways the resurrection of Jesus is the “clincher” that makes the Christian faith credible. The apostle Paul even says that if Christ had NOT been raised then “our faith is futile …. we are still in our sins …. we are lost …. we have no hope ….. and we are to be pitied” (1 Cor 15:17-19). Without the resurrection Christians are “no-hopers”! Yes – so much rides on the resurrection. And we can be confident that Christ really has been raised. But in practical terms, what difference does it make to our everyday lives? Listen in as Pastor Murray shares with us seven good reasons to feel encouraged by this wonderful Easter discovery.

The Resurrection: The Source of Christian Confidence

The resurrection of Jesus is celebrated by Christians right around the world. It is key to the Christian’s faith and stands at the very centre, the very core of the gospel. Listen as Pastor Dave shares why we can be certain that Jesus rose again, and have certainty and confidence in the Christian life.