God's Master Plan (Page 2)

God's Master Plan (Page 2)

God’s Master Plan

Covenant Confirmed

Thirteen long years after Ishmael is born, God finally speaks to Abram again. He confirms his covenant with Abram, changing his name to Abraham, promising him a son named Isaac through Sarah, and giving him the sign of circumcision. We are people of the new covenant. This new covenant involves a new kind of circumcision, the “circumcision of the heart, by the Spirit” (Rom 2:29).

Chaos & Control

Tonight we are presented with a stark contrast between mankind and God. Firstly we see Abram and Sarai make a compromise, deciding to do things their way instead of God’s. Their decision results in chaos. But then we see God intervene. On display are God’s immense compassion and his perfect control. How will we respond to a God such as this?

An Amazing Conversation About Trusting God

Do you ever find it hard to trust God? It is comforting to read in the scriptures how God works in the lives of his people, enabling them to trust in him. Listen as Pastor Dave looks at Genesis 15 and how God worked in Abram’s life, enabling him to trust the promises that God had given to him.

Answering The Call

God has a plan to make things right in this world. As we begin our new series, “God’s master plan” we meet the man with whom that plan began, Abram. As we look at Abram’s call, his obedient response and ongoing faith, we are forced to ask ourselves how we will respond to the call of God.
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