God's Master Plan

God's Master Plan

God’s Master Plan

Our certain hope

The end of Joseph’s life is reminder to us that we can have a certain hope for our future, just as Joseph did. Listen as we conclude our series in Genesis, and be reminded again of why it is that our hope for the future is a sure and certain hope. Do you have a future hope like that?

The Divine Detour

Some people love to make detailed plans for the future …. marriage, children, career moves, houses, overseas holidays, retirement etc. But how do we cope when the unexpected happens? In today’s message we explore the unexpected circumstances which took Jacob and his family from Canaan down to Egypt, and how God used this detour in a positive way to actually bless this family and their descendants. Ultimately this plan included us through Jacob’s son, Judah. God uses the “detours” of life for our good when we trust Him. Where does God fit into your plans? Much more important than our plans is God’s plan, which is to use all the circumstances of our lives to point us to Jesus Christ, the royal descendant of Judah. Jesus still reigns as King over those who place their hope and trust in Him. Are your plans leading you more and more to Him?

The God who saves

Listen as we meet Asher, one of Joseph’s brothers. We’ll hear him explain what happened to him and his brothers in Egypt, and how he felt when he realised that God had been at work in everything to save His people.

God’s Man – Trained & Promoted

Life is never as straight forward as we would like it to be. For some people it can be really tough. This was certainly the case for Joseph as a young man – sold as a slave by his brothers, falsely accused by his master’s wife, then thrown into prison. For 13 long years life was a battle and seemed so unfair. But “the Lord was with him” throughout this phase of his life, and though he didn’t realize it at the time, God was training Joseph for what lay ahead. One day, literally, his life was totally turned around as God used him to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams. At 30 years of age he became the second most important man in all of Egypt, the man who not only saved the nation from starvation, but many other nations, including his very own family in Israel. Joseph trusted God, and His ways, and His timing, and God was able to use him in a wonderful way. Will we trust God and stand for Him in our day?

A truth for the journey

Life is journey full of ups and downs. Our circumstances are always changing. Joseph knew this all too well. As we read Genesis 39, we can’t help but note that in all the circumstances he faced, one thing never changed. God was always with him, both in his times of success and in his times of difficulty. How important it it that we understand this truth for our own lives!


Tune in as Pastor Dave shares from the extraordinary story of Joseph and God’s Master Plan for him.

Wresting with Self-Sufficiency

Listen as Pastor Dave shares form Genesis 32 about what Jacob’s wrestling with God teaches us about self-sufficiency and depending on God’s grace.

A Healthy View of Prosperity

Jacob fled from Esau with nothing. In tonight’s passage we see Jacob, twenty years later, described as exceedingly prosperous (30:43). It’s very obvious that God is the giver of all of Jacob’s prosperity. But how does this passage relate to us? Listen as we consider the connections between Jacob’s prosperity and the God who gives that prosperity. Let us be reminded of how we as Christians, ought to understand our own prosperity in light of what Christ has done.

A Love Tale With A Twist

Complicated and messed-up marriages and families are almost “normal” today. And Christians are definitely not immune. But where does God fit into the complexities of our relationships? The story of Jacob is a fascinating case study showing that things haven’t changed much over the past 3000 years. In unpacking this passage Pastor Murray shows that despite all the deception and sinful choices made by Jacob and his wives, God continued to remain faithful and show grace to them, and fulfil His bigger purposes for Jacob’s life. The same God is wanting to deal with us like that today, especially through the saving work of Jesus, the promised descendant of Jacob himself.

Grace for the broken

In our story tonight we find Jacob, desperate, fearful and alone, suffering the consequences of his deceptive ways. He is, in a word, broken. But it is down to this broken man that God, in his grace, reaches. He reveals himself to Jacob and makes some extraordinary promises to him. This is a story all about God’s grace, not only to Jacob, but to us as well. Listen as we are reminded that we belong to a God who has found us in our brokenness, revealed himself to us, and promised to remain with us.

Brotherly conflict

Deception, moral failure and conflict. That pretty much sums up the the story of Jacob and Esau! None of the characters in this story cover themselves in glory. And yet, one again, we see that God continues to work out his purposes despite the sinfulness of his people. Along the way we learn a couple of lessons for ourselves. Our God is a good God. There is nothing more valuable than what he has in store for us.
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