Sermons on Psalms (Page 2)

Sermons on Psalms (Page 2)


Worthy of our praise

Listen as Pastor Dave unpacks what we can learn from the psalmist’s experience as to why God is worthy of our praise.

The Case for God

The famous Russian cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, the first man into space in 1961, made the sarcastic comment on his return to earth: “I looked for God but couldn’t find him”. Atheists love to taunt Christians about the lack of hard evidence for God. In Psalm 8 we have a powerful response to this skepticism. The evidence for God is all around us… if only we will see it! From the vastness of the universe to the cry of the tiniest baby creation speaks of His greatness. And so do people, like us, made individually in God’s image with their special place in God’s world. Psalm 8 calls the doubter to reconsider, and even points to the “perfect man” (Jesus) who would one day perfectly display God’s majesty to a broken and skeptical world.

Safe In The Care Of A Loving God

Psalm 23 contains possibly the best known and best loved verses in the whole Bible. They have been a massive comfort to millions of people, especially when going through difficult times and even death. But can we genuinely say: “The Lord is my shepherd”? Only if that is true does the rest of the Psalm really apply. But if we really do know the Lord as our Shepherd, then these truths comes to life. Let God “restore your soul” as Pastor Murray takes us through this great old Psalm in this message.

Our Relationship With God

God is vast, immense and we cannot fully comprehend him. Yet at the same time he is intensely intimate and draws us into a relationship with him, whereby we can know and experience his presence in a personal way. Listen as Pastor Dave shares from Psalm 139 about our ultimate relationship with our Heavenly Father, the God who made us.

Passing on what is important to the next generation

If you could pass on one thing to the next generation what would it be? The reality is there is so much that we could pass on to the next generation. But what are the key things, the important things that matter to us, that we feel should be passed on? Listen as Pastor Dave looks at Psalm 78:1-8 on passing on what is important to the next generation.

God Our Refuge

Throughout the Bible, and especially in the Psalms, we often see God spoken of as our place of refuge. Psalm 16 is no exception. As we explore Psalm 16 today, let us consider what it looks like to live with God as our place of refuge.

An Invitation To Worship

Psalm 95 is an invitation for the people of God to join together and worship. But what does this mean? What, in particular, are we invited to do as we join together in worship? Listen as we hear the invitation of Psalm 95. Let us consider what a wonderful privilege it is to meet each week as God’s people.

The Godly Family

Listen as Pastor Dave looks at three parenting myths that are busted by Solomon in Psalm 127.
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