Sermons on Psalms

Sermons on Psalms


Worth the Wait

The writer of Psalm 130 puts their hope for mercy, in the word of God; His character, His promises, and His commands. Knowing God will keep His word, enables God’s people to wait with joy for God’s salvation to be revealed. We are urged to do the same. Having seen God’s salvation through Jesus, we too must put our hope in His word, waiting for His return. God is worth the wait. Psalm 130

Give Thanks to the Lord, for He is Good!

Today is the day of our Annual Church Members meeting, and what better day of the year to pause and thank God for His love and faithfulness to us!  We thank Him for His grace in saving us from our sin and the joy of being in His family.  We thank Him for spiritual growth in our lives and in many of the church’s ministries.  We thank Him for gospel seeds planted, watered and growing in people’s lives.  And we…

Our God Reigns!

Psalm 96 is a psalm of praise to God. Beginning with God’s own people, and ending with all creation, the Lord is to be exalted. David sang the words of this psalm in excited anticipation of God’s coming with the Ark to Jerusalem. We sing these words as we anticipate Jesus’ coming again when he will finally defeat sin and death forever.

A song for a cloudy day

Even though we know God is with us, sometimes our circumstances can make us feel like He is far away. Psalm 13 shows us how we can respond in times like these. We see that we can ask God our desperate questions, earnestly pray for Him to intervene, and confidently affirm our trust in the God who has proven his unfailing love and goodness in the past.

A song of Hope

Why are Christians always singing? Psalm 33 suggests that they of all people have the best reason to sing because of the hope they have in God. They have hope in the character of God’s word, the power of God’s word and the sovereignty of God’s word. But it doesn’t end there, God’s people also have hope because God sees those who hope in is in his unfailing love whatever the situation they find themselves in. When we see that…

A Song for the Forgiven

If anyone knew about the agony of guilt, then it was King David. And if the strongly attested view is accepted, then David is the author of this powerful psalm, writing out of his own bitter experience. Sin in any shape or form, whether out in the open or tucked away in the privacy of our own hearts, cuts us off from God and makes us guilty. Every one of us is a guilty sinner before the holy God. But there is a cure, which God Himself has provided. He promises to remove our sin, if only we will confess it and cast ourselves upon Him for forgiveness and grace. What a blessing! What a joy! Do you have any unconfessed skeletons that are tormenting you today? Take them to Jesus Christ and be set free today.

An invitation to worship

There has been much debate about the subject of worship in the past 40 years. But what is worship and what does it look like? In this psalm we are given three specific ways to worship and each of them flows from a life that has encountered God on a very personal level. True worship should produce joy, humility and obedience in the life of a believer. Are they evident in your worship? Of course, congregational singing is one aspect of worship, but let’s take the much bigger view that Psalm 95 urges us to do.

Fitting praise

Listen as the Psalmist gives us three reasons why it is fitting that we praise God. May we always remember just how worthy of praise God is.

Praying for help

In the Psalms we find great encouragement in the prayers of God’s people. We learn what it means to be in close relationship with God and how we too can be confident that he hears us and answers our prayers. Listen as Pastor Dave shares from Psalm 17 how King Davids prayer for help turned to an expression of hope and praise to the living God.

Encountering God personally

To those who genuinely look for Him, God promises make Himself known (Jeremiah 29:13). But how does He actually do this? Psalm 19 answers this question for us. Firstly, He “speaks” to us through the world of nature. Secondly, He “speaks” to us through His written Scriptures (the Bible). Thirdly, He “speaks” to us personally by exposing our sinful hearts and convicting us of our need to be made right with God Himself. As we take this journey of seeking to know God, it will eventually lead us to the One who alone can remove our sin and make us right with God… the Lord Jesus Christ… our Rock and our Redeemer!

The fool says…

Psalm 14 is a song for the people of God. It helps us understand how we should feel when we see a world which has turned its back on God.
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