Sermons from October 2020

Sermons from October 2020

My help, my hope

Psalm 146 The Book of Psalms ends with several songs of praise, reminding us that the praise of God is, ultimately, the reason we were created. One of these songs, Psalm 146, reminds us that in order to live a life of praise we need to have a much more realistic view of human beings and a much bigger view of God.

Transformed through Christ

1 Peter 1:13 – 2:3 If you are a Christian, are you a growing Christian? No matter how old we may be, God wants us to be continually growing in holiness. But spiritual change requires spiritual means. Firstly it begins as we are redeemed by the precious blood of Christ. Only God can do this for us. But secondly, we need to keep feeding our souls on the living word of God. The Bible is our spiritual food like milk…

The Self-Revealing God

Psalm 19 Can we really know God? Psalm 19 says that we can, not by our own initiative, but because God reveals himself to us. He does this in creation and in his Word. Jesus comes as the pinnacle of God’s revelation of himself, and also as the model servant who responds to the God who creates and redeems.

Satisfied in Christ

John 4:1-15 There is a hole in every human heart which only God can fill. The woman in today’s passage was desperately longing to have that hole filled. Her longing for love had led her into serial marriages and other relationships which only left her empty and rejected. That day Jesus offered to quench her spiritual thirst with “living water”. Our world is full of people like this. Some realize that their lives are empty. Others don’t. Some are trying…

A personal relationship

Psalm 63 What does it mean for us to have a personal relationship with God? In Psalm 63 we hear David express his thirst for God, his delight in God and his confidence in God. Through Christ, we can experience, express and enjoy our relationship with God in the same kind of way.

Broken promises

Nehemiah 13:1-31 If only the book of Nehemiah could have finished at the end of chapter 12! So much good had been accomplished under Nehemiah’s leadership. With the walls of Jerusalem rebuilt, national morale lifted, spiritual life revived … after centuries of decline Israel was back on track. Or was it? After 12 years in Jerusalem, Nehemiah went back to Persia to report to King Artaxerxes. On his return some years later he was devastated by what he found. How…