Sermons from December 2018

Sermons from December 2018

Why Worry About Worry?

Anxiety is arguably the no.1 cause of ill-health in Australia today.  Worry about finances, employment, illness, relationships, family, fashion, peer pressure etc. sap the joy of so many of us.   So how should we handle our worries?  Jesus uses two simple illustrations from everyday life, birds and flowers, to point us to the answer.  Who cares for them?  Of course, God does.  And he cares even more for us!  The question is, are we prepared to trust Him with our…

Going The Distance In The Life Of Faith

As we begin a new year with all its hopes and uncertainties, God calls us to keep on faithfully living for Him.  One man who exemplified this was the apostle Paul.   And in Philippians 3 he gives us a snapshot of his life – his early life, his conversion to Christianity, and how he pressed on as a Christian over many years.  Clearly his personal encounter with Christ was life-changing.  Whatever our age or stage of life, let us be…

A Unique Baby

Millions of babies are born every year around the world.  Billions have been born throughout history.  But one baby born 2000 years ago was unlike any other baby ever born.  The birth of Jesus was absolutely unique, but why?  Listen in as Pastor Murray shares with us three special reasons that help us understand the true meaning of Christmas, and make it relevant to each of us personally. John 1:1-5  and  1 John 1:1-4

A Unique Backstory

To understand the story of Christmas we have to go right back to the Garden of Eden.  What happened there brought darkness into the world.  The Old Testament records for us the long, sad story of sin and failure.  For thousands of years all attempts to solve the world’s problems failed.  But God refused to give up on the world and the people He had made.  He promised that one day a Son from the descendants of King David would…

The Question of Divorce

When some Pharisees come to Jesus with a legal question about divorce, Jesus responds by pointing them to the masterpiece of marriage in its perfectly created form. Although we live in a broken world He urges us to preserve marriage by being faithful, forgiving failures and pursuing unity. Matthew 19: 1-12

Models of Ministry

As Paul presents the apostles as models of Christian ministry we are challenged to consider what it is we value in our Christian leaders and what kind of leaders we ourselves want to be. 1 Corinthians 4:1-17