"Sunday Evening" Tagged Sermons

"Sunday Evening" Tagged Sermons

Sunday Evening

Join the Parade

Nehemiah 2:1-9 Join God’s parade rather than being on the sideline. How are you preparing yourself to speak to people that don’t know the truth?


Luke 8:22-25 In this powerful demonstration of his authority over nature, Jesus asserts his claim as the Creator of all things. The question is: Can we put our trust in him who has complete control in all situations?

Authority over Spiritual Powers

Luke 4:31-37 Throughout Luke’s gospel, we see Jesus doing many incredible things. From calming storms, to raising people from the dead, to forgiving sins; many of these bold claims keep us wondering “just who is this Jesus?”. As we explore the account of Jesus casting out a demon in Capernaum, we are going to see just what implications Jesus’ authority over all spiritual powers has for Christians.

Jesus’ prayer for you

John 17:20-26 We usually know what we want for ourselves, and what we really want most is often revealed in what we pray for. But what does Jesus really want for us? Jesus’ prayer in John 17:20-26 is, in many ways, our answer to this question, and it may surprise us.

Walking in Truth

3 John As we explore this short book at the end of the New Testament, we are given insight into the comparison between a life that walks in truth and another that walks in falsehood, and the importance of a Christian community that encourages one another to pursue truth constantly.

Dealing with Deception

2 John 1-13 As it did in the first century, false teaching poses a real threat to Christians today. In his letter, the Apostle John warns us to be alert to this, and gives us the tools to deal with attempts to deceive God’s people.

Pride and Humility

Proverbs 21:4; 22:4; 28:19 The tussle between pride and humility is one that every person walks daily. However, more often than not, the temptation and allure of pride wins the appeal of our hearts. Proverbs helps us understand the nature of our prideful ways, and offers a solution to our struggles: the fear of the Lord.