"Special event" Tagged Sermons

"Special event" Tagged Sermons

Special event

Jesus – the perfect sacrifice

Hebrews 10:1-18 Like many religions still today, the ancient Israelites showed remorse for their sins by approaching God through a complex system of animal sacrifices. Year after year they sacrificed an animal at the temple to symbolise their repentance. But this was a never-ending ritual that could never truly expunge their sin. What was needed was a perfect sacrifice. Finally God provided that sacrifice Himself by sending His sinless Son, Jesus, who willingly gave Himself for us on the cross.…

Making Sense of the Death of Jesus

The details of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ are clearly set out in the New Testament accounts. They are vivid and make for difficult reading. Brutality was certainly not spared that day. But what does the death of Jesus mean? That’s the question we must ask ourselves as we ponder this story. The clue comes in the very last words Jesus spoke before he died: “It is finished”. The whole reason for His coming into the world in the first place reached its climax at that moment. His death became the final, perfect sacrifice by which sin could be forgiven and sinners could be made right with God. That day two observers (Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus) came to understand this great truth personally. Jesus had died for them! Do you realise that He died for you, too?

The wise way to celebrate Christmas

Perhaps the most fascinating part of the Christmas story is the journey of the wise men to find, then worship, the baby Jesus. For hundreds, if not thousands, of kilometres they followed a star all the way to Jerusalem, then to Bethlehem, in their relentless quest. Three things stand out: the diligence of their search, their unquestioning belief in the Old Testament prophecy about the birthplace of the Messiah, and their humble worship of this baby born to a very ordinary peasant couple. No wonder we refer to them as “wise men”. Their wisdom led them to Jesus. On this Christmas Day 2015 are we wise enough to look for, believe in, and worship Jesus too?

Pauline Otte: Life Without Mirrors

Recorded at Women of Purpose 2015: How does the Cross answer our big questions: Who am I? How am I feeling? Does it matter anyway? In a culture continually calling us to look at ourselves, the Cross calls us to shift our gaze to find our true story.

Fiona Millar: Enter Freedom

Recorded at Women of Purpose 2015: Christ calls us to live in freedom as we sacrifice and serve one another. This elective will look at how we can live abundantly for others and shift beyond self-condemnation, martyrdom and resentment.

Panel: Living Significance

Recorded at Women of Purpose 2015: Women spend a lot of time thinking about what we should be doing: Which role? What takes priority? A panel of women with jobs, children and Christian ministry callings (or all three) share.

Robyn Bain: Look! (Part 3)

What are you really looking at? What informs your perspective, your identity, your being? God calls us to shift our gaze and enter His story. Join us as Robyn Bain helps us to enter the transforming story of Jesus and His Passion from the Gospel of Mark. (Part 3)

Panel: Enter Joy

Recorded at Women of Purpose 2015: We all struggle to spend regular time with God. Daily hassles and discouragement overwhelm us. How do we shift beyond these to make space for God? A panel of women will share how they offer time and welcome to an amazing God.