Sermons by Michael Howell (Page 5)

Sermons by Michael Howell (Page 5)

Michael Howell

How does desire transform dating?

Desire shapes behaviour. What we want shapes what we do. This is true in all of life, and especially in relationships. Listen as we consider how right desires transform the way we go about relationships and dating.

Liberty from Legalism

The Sabbath controversy in Matthew 12 reminds us that Jesus gives us freedom from the chains of legalism. Instead of thinking we need to keep the law to appease a cranky God, we remember that we have been set free to joyfully obey our loving God.

Excuses for not sharing the gospel

Matthew 9:35 – 10:42 Sometimes we can make excuses for not living out our calling as missionary disciples of Jesus. Several of these excuses are challenged by Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 10. We are reminded that each one of us has a part to play in the mission, that we don’t need to be afraid of what people might say about us or do to us and that we cannot lose more than we will gain in a life spent serving Jesus.

Two blind men, and a few more

There were two groups of blind men before Jesus that day. The physically blind could already see who Jesus was, before he even opened their eyes. But the Pharisees, though they could see, refused to Jesus for who he was. Which one are you? Has Jesus opened your eyes so that you see him for who he is?

Apostolic authority

Paul responds to those who seek to undermine his apostleship by arguing that his authority comes from Jesus, that the weapons of his authority have divine power and that he is prepared to powerfully wield his authority in order to build up the church.

What are you afraid of?

These episodes remind us of Jesus’ true identity. They challenge us to think about what, and (more importantly), who, we are afraid of.

What not to bring

Many claim to want to follow Jesus but are unwilling to count the cost of doing so. Listen as we think about what must be left behind by those who want to follow Jesus.

A madman, meh-men and magi

The story of the wise men visiting Jesus is packed full of action and suspense. Tonight we look at three of the characters in more detail. This gives us a clearer picture of Jesus and challenges us to consider how we will respond to the news of Jesus’ birth.

Decision Time

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus teaches what it looks like to be a part of his kingdom. How will you respond to his teaching? Will you enter through the narrow or the wide gate? Will you be a wise or foolish builder?

God’s Glory Alone

Because salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, according to God’s Word alone, God alone is the one who deserves all the glory. We are saved for his glory, we live for his glory and one day we will share in his glory.