Sermons by Michael Howell (Page 2)

Sermons by Michael Howell (Page 2)

Michael Howell

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Deuteronomy 1-3 The opening chapters of Deuteronomy are essentially a history lesson. Moses helps the people look back to learn that God is both faithful to his promises and able to fulfill them. If the people are to succeed where their ancestors failed, they must trust him


Acts 16 How did God get your attention and show you that you needed Jesus? For the Philippian gaoler, it required an earthquake! As we celebrate baptisms together, let us consider how his story can encourage and challenge us.

In the Name of Jesus

Acts 3:1-10 As we begin another year of ministry as a church family, it is good to be reminded of the power and authority of Jesus’ name. It is by his strength and in his name that we serve each other and our world.


Philippians 1:3-11 Praying for each other: 1. The tone of Paul’s prayer: Gratitude, joy and confidence (3-6)2. The heart of Paul’s prayer: Deep love for the Philippians (7-8)3. The content of Paul’s prayer: Love informed by knowledge (9), Blamelessness (10), A harvest of godly action (11)

The slave is our brother

Philemon The weary world rejoices, for in being reconciled to God in Christ, we are also reconciled to one another in Christ, so sharing in mutual fellowship with all those who belong to Christ, no matter how different they are or appear to be.

A glorious new purpose

1 Peter 2:4-10 In these verses Peter reminds us that we are part of God’s glorious new temple built on Christ, the Cornerstone. We have a glorious new identity and glorious new purpose.

The Believer’s Celebration

Romans 8:31-39 Having uncovered so much precious treasure as we have journeyed through Romans 1-8, Paul asks us “what, then, shall we say in response to these things?” Let us celebrate the wonderful privileges which belong to those who are in Christ. Who can be against us? Who can condemn us? Who can separate us from God’s love? No one!