Sermons by Michael Howell (Page 12)

Sermons by Michael Howell (Page 12)

Michael Howell

Reclaiming Love Wrap Up: Q&A Session

Christ has given us new life and relationships are the primary context in which we live out this new life. As we wrap up our “Reclaiming Love” series, let us consider why it is so important to express, in our relationships, who we are and what we have in Christ. Includes Q&A Panel Session


There are so many different approaches to dating in our world. And with so many opinions and dating “strategies” out there, it can make us wonder how we should approach dating as Christians. Listen as we think about some of the biblical principles for dating as well as some of practical guidelines to help us approach dating in a way that honours God.

Building Loving Relationships

We all want to have good quality, loving relationships, but sometimes relationships can just seem like hard work. As we begin our new relationships series tonight, we’re asking the question, “how do we build loving relationships?” Listen as we consider God’s wisdom for answering this question.

City North Values – Love, Bible, Gospel, Relationships

Earlier this year, the young adults of City North gave some feedback on what it is that they think defines us as a church and as a young adults group. We talked about our values, our strengths and our weaknesses. Tonight, we’ll have a look at some of this feedback, consider what the Bible has to say about what we should value and then think about some of the practical ways we can express our shared values as a church.

Hearts Warmed Up

At the end of Luke 23, things look pretty bad for Jesus’ followers. They have seen him, the one who was meant to redeem Israel, tortured and crucified. They are grief stricken (23:48). And yet, by the end of Luke 24, we read this; “And they stayed continually at the temple, praising God” (24:53). What has happened? How do these cold, sad hearts become warm, joyful hearts? The answer, of course, is that the Crucified King has become the Risen King! Listen as we explore Luke 24 and consider what Jesus’ followers saw that made their cold hearts warm.

His Cross, Our…

The cross of Christ is the centre of Luke’s Gospel, the centre of our Christian faith and the centre of history. But what does it mean to you? Listen as we explore the meaning of the cross for us.

Loved by the King

Jesus died for us guilty sinners. Like Judas the betrayer, Peter the denier and even the soldiers who mocked him, we are guilty of sin, yet because of his love our guilt can be taken away. How will you respond to the love of Jesus?

Be Ready

Jesus, will one day come on the clouds in power and glory to judge the world and redeem his people. Tonight’s passage challenges us to ask ourselves whether we are ready for this day. If he could come tomorrow, how should we be living now?

The new King Arrives

A new kind of King is here. Jesus, the King of kings has arrived and everyone must decide how they’ll respond to this King. Listen as we begin a new series in the last section of Luke’s Gospel. Let us consider own own response to the new King.

Making Things Right

The Bible is clear that our relationship with God has been broken by sin. The first verses of Leviticus give us an insight into what is required for this relationship to be fixed, Ultimately they point us to Jesus, the only one who can fix this relationship once and for all.

God Our Refuge

Throughout the Bible, and especially in the Psalms, we often see God spoken of as our place of refuge. Psalm 16 is no exception. As we explore Psalm 16 today, let us consider what it looks like to live with God as our place of refuge.

An Invitation To Worship

Psalm 95 is an invitation for the people of God to join together and worship. But what does this mean? What, in particular, are we invited to do as we join together in worship? Listen as we hear the invitation of Psalm 95. Let us consider what a wonderful privilege it is to meet each week as God’s people.