Sermons by Dave Herron (Page 2)

Sermons by Dave Herron (Page 2)

Dave Herron

Worthy of our praise

Listen as Pastor Dave unpacks what we can learn from the psalmist’s experience as to why God is worthy of our praise.

Instructions for the Christian Home

For the Christian, the gospel of Jesus should intersect and overlap into every aspect of our lives. It should change the way we live and should impact our relationships with each other both at church, and at home. Listen as Pastor Dave looks at the Apostles Paul’s instructions for Christian homes and families and how the gospel should be at work in our key relationships.

The High Calling Of Being A Mother

It seems as though our culture today is confused about the role of motherhood. On the on hand it champions the place of women and celebrates childbirth, yet at the same time it suggests that when it comes to the task of raising children and managing your home, this is in some way the last option for women and not her first choice. The role of those who chose to stay at home and raise their children is often discounted and at times demeaned. Listen as Pastor Dave looks at what the Bible has to say about the role of motherhood, that it is indeed a high calling and sacred duty that ultimately points our children to Jesus.

Jesus, the King!

Listen as Pastor Dave continues our series in John’s gospel and discusses how Jesus is our ultimate, sovereign and compassionate king!

Christ is Enough

Listen as Pastor Dave shares from Colossians 1 about why Jesus is all that we need as Christians.

What it means to follow Jesus

These days there are hidden costs on just about everything. Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what we are signing up for. Thankfully following Jesus doesn’t come with hidden costs. Jesus was always up front about the cost. Listen as Pastor Dave examines what it means for us to follow Jesus and why it is worth the cost.

Giving God our Leftovers

Our lives are often busy and full to the brim. We have a myriad of responsibilities to attend to, and a never ending choice of entertainment options. Too often we wonder how we are going to get everything done. Listen as Pastor Dave shares from Malachi 1:6-14 about the dangers of offering God our leftovers.

A Great Resolution…

The New Year for many is a time for planning, preparation and new resolutions. Listen as Pastor Dave looks at what we might learn from the Apostle Paul’s great resolution in Philippians 3:7-14.