The Nehemiah Project - reviving God's people

The Nehemiah Project - reviving God's people

Setting things right with God

Nehemiah 9:1-38 After hearing the Book of the Law read to them, the Israelites were deeply affected. So they gathered once again to humble themselves before God and confess their sin. Time and again God had forgiven Israel and revived them in the past. Perhaps He would do it one more time? It’s never easy to face the truth about our sin. But we are all guilty sinners in need of the forgiving grace of God. The whole purpose of…

Listen Up!

Nehemiah 8 Now that the wall has been rebuilt, it’s time for a different kind of building project – a spiritual rebuilding. In Nehemiah 8, the people gather to hear God’s word read and explained. The way that they listen to and respond to God’s word challenges us to think about how we do the same.

Discord Among God’s People

Nehemiah 5:1-19 Whenever God is at work, the enemy will never be far behind. Nehemiah always seemed to be facing new problems and challenges. But in today’s passage the difference is that the problem came from within his own people. Jews were exploiting fellow Jews resulting in poverty, resentment and disunity between them. So serious was the problem that Nehemiah stopped work on the wall to address it. People matter more than building programmes and institutional structures. Unless Christians genuinely…

Building and Battling

Nehemiah 4 Whenever God’s people do God’s work in the world, they are sure to encounter opposition. Nehemiah 4 shows us the forms this opposition can take and how we, as those called to live for and proclaim Christ in this world, should respond when we face it.

Time for action

Nehemiah 2 After months of desperate prayer and seeking God, Nehemiah steps into action. As those who are, like Nehemiah, called to do God’s work, Nehemiah’s actions have much to teach us. Above all, Nehemiah’s going to Jerusalem points us to Christ, the one who went from the comfort and privilege of heaven to the brokenness and disgrace of our world, in order to accomplish the redemptive purposes of God.

Broken walls and a broken heart

Nehemiah 1:1-11 This message begins a new series on the book of Nehemiah, with a look into the heart of this great leader. Sad news from Jerusalem moved him to tears, then to prayer, and then into the presence of King Artaxerxes, at that time the most powerful man on the planet. How do we respond in the face of sad news? Nehemiah has much to teach us still today.