Set Free - The Book of Exodus (Page 2)

Set Free - The Book of Exodus (Page 2)

Set Free – The Book of Exodus

Dealing with disappointment

All of us experience disappointment in life. Tonight’s passage helps us think about how Christians can understand, express and move past the disappointments that they encounter.

God revealed

Revelation changes the way we view things. Let us consider how God’s revelation of himself changes the way we view our identity, our problems and our future.

The rescuer

Listen as we meet Moses, Israel’s imperfect rescuer, who points us forward to our perfect rescuer, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Refugees to slaves

As we begin the story of Exodus, we encounter three themes which set the scene for the rest of the story: God’s promises, Pharaoh’s opposition, and Israel’s pain. These themes help us understand how the story of Exodus has become the story for all Christians.
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