Saints and Sinners (from the Old Testament)

Saints and Sinners (from the Old Testament)

Fear, Forgiveness and favour

Listen as we consider the experience of Joseph’s brothers who went from a place of fear to a place of favour in the presence of the brother they had sinned against. As those who have sinned against a powerful and holy God, let us remember that forgiveness is the path from fear to favour. Genesis 42-45

Almost a Wasted Life (Samson)

What should we make of a man like Samson?  Incredibly talented, empowered by the Spirit of God, yet deeply flawed in so many ways.  In this message Pastor Murray gives us a glimpse of his “playboy ” lifestyle and eventual downfall.  But we also see how God chose to use him despite his many failings to deliver his Israelite people from the torment of the Philistines.  Samson’s story gives hope to all those who have wasted the best part of…

Learning To Trust God … Patiently

Among the many godly women in the Bible, Sarah is specifically mentioned for her faith in the book of Hebrews.  But her journey with God was a bumpy one, as we see in today’s message.  Over 25 long years she waited …. and waited …. and waited, until finally God fulfilled His scientifically impossible promise and enabled her to have a baby!  Her laugh of unbelief became a laugh of joy.  Perhaps you have been waiting for God to answer…