Rediscovering Truth

Rediscovering Truth

Rediscovering Truth

God’s Glory Alone

Because salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, according to God’s Word alone, God alone is the one who deserves all the glory. We are saved for his glory, we live for his glory and one day we will share in his glory.

Faith Alone

Salvation is found in Christ alone and comes by grace alone. But as a gift, is must be received to be of any consequence for the individual. So we ask, “How do we receive salvation?” The gift of salvation is received by faith alone. A believer is justified before God by faith alone. Real saving faith involves knowledge, assent and trust. Real saving faith leads to assurance, peace and humility in the life of the believer.

Grace Alone

The doctrine of Grace Alone reminds us of our desperate need for grace and that God has acted in grace towards us, offering us the free gift of salvation.

Christ Alone

“Christ Alone” affirms that because of his exclusive identity, and the sufficiency of his saving work, Christ alone is the basis of our salvation.

Scripture Alone

“Scripture Alone” affirms that the Bible is our final authority when it comes to knowing God’s truth.