Redeemed - The Book of Ruth

Redeemed - The Book of Ruth

Risk, Righteousness and Rest

As we have been journeying through the book of Ruth we have starting to see two things: God is both sovereign – he is in control of all things and he is also kind. In Ruth 3, we see how an understanding of God’s sovereign kindness leads to Naomi seeking rest for Ruth by coming up with a risky plan. And as this plan plays out, just as we think that things couldn’t be more out of control and dangerous,…

Finding Refuge in God

When life is hard, where do you take refuge? In Ruth chapter 2, Ruth takes refuge under the wings of Yahweh, the God of Israel and in his loving-kindness he generously and extravagantly provides all that she needs. By trusting Christ’s death and resurrection for us, we can take refuge from sin. As God’s people, we can also be the extension of God’s refuge to the world. Ruth 2:1-23

Going away, coming home

Ruth 1 tells a story of going away and coming home. It reminds us that some have gone away from God to “Moab”, to places far from Him. Our Moab might be sex, wealth, lifestyle, comfort or something else. But while we are living far from God, we inevitably experience emptiness. The good news of what God has done for us in Jesus calls us back home to God, where we find hope and true filling.