Power Through Weakness (Page 2)

Power Through Weakness (Page 2)

Power Through Weakness

Indicators of true gospel ministry

As mainline churches in Australia steadily decline, new churches are popping up with increasing frequency. Sometimes these are a result of strategic church plants. Other times they are the result of splits and breakaways. Sometimes they go well. Often they struggle and fail. Some are well led. Others are not. It’s hard working planting a church in secular Australia. But what are the criteria we should look for in a valid gospel ministry today? Paul had to defend himself against those who opposed and critiqued him harshly at Corinth, and in doing so he gives us five non-negotiable indicators of what every true gospel-centred church should look like. And these indicators are especially relevant today. Are they true of your church… and mine?

A pastor and his people

What happens when a pastor has a falling out with his people? Sadly, it happens… far more often than it should. A rift had developed between “Pastor Paul” and the church at Corinth, and serious damage had been done to their relationship. How could this situation be resolved? In today’s message we explore the approach Paul used to defend himself and to appeal personally to the people for a resolution to the crisis. With humility, grace, forgiveness… and also courage… there was a way forward. If only we might see more disputes in our churches resolved like this today!

Meeting God in the troubles of life

Today’s message by Pastor Murray begins a new series in the book of 2 Corinthians. In this letter to the church at Corinth the apostle Paul shares very personally – his appeals to them, his joys, his disappointments, his struggles in ministry – and through all his vulnerability we see how God gave him the strength to persevere. This theme is introduced in the opening verses of the book, where Paul helps us see that even through the troubles and pain of life, God is there to comfort and care. While we don’t like to suffer, God meets us in our suffering and uses it for beneficial purposes in our lives. What tough situation are you going through at this moment? This message will be an encouragement to you!
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