No other foundation - how the gospel powers the church

No other foundation - how the gospel powers the church

Models of Ministry

As Paul presents the apostles as models of Christian ministry we are challenged to consider what it is we value in our Christian leaders and what kind of leaders we ourselves want to be. 1 Corinthians 4:1-17

God’s building

Continuing the building analogy from verse 9, Paul goes on to challenge the church to build the church on the gospel of Jesus Christ. He warns them that those who destroy the church will be destroyed and he rebukes them for their foolish disputes about their leaders, reminding them of what is truly theirs in Christ. 1 Corinthians 3:10-23

The secret of true wisdom

There are many people these days who are seriously smart (or think they’re smart!).  But there’s a big difference between being smart and being wise.  In the previous chapter, Paul has been making the case that true wisdom can only be found by believing in Jesus Christ and the message of the cross, which many apparently intelligent people think is plain foolishness.  So how does a a skeptic become a convinced Christian?  Today’s passage provides the answer.  It is only…

God’s power through weak people

The way that God works has always challenged and contradicted the expectations of human beings.  In our pride we expect God to conform to our expectations.  So qualities like power and wisdom become our way of impressing God.  How totally wrong we are!  God’s salvation is for those who know they are weak and helpless and utterly dependent on Christ to save them.  And to go with this, God uses people who are weak and humble to be His gospel…

Unity in the church

Unity among Christians and within churches is a precious thing, but too often misunderstanding and friction push us apart. With the temptation to become followers of different personalities, different brands of teaching, and different causes (not to mention our tendency to link ourselves to people we “like”), the risk of factions forming is very real. Today’s message looks at the key to establishing and maintaining true unity. Put simply, it’s all centred on our common faith in Jesus Christ. The…

God’s Grand Design

Churches come in many different styles and sizes. Some are strong and healthy. Others are struggling. The church in Corinth was one of these broken churches. But the apostle Paul could write to them and positively affirm several great truths that ought to be true of every genuine church. We need to remind ourselves often that the church, including “our church” with all it’s faults and failings, really belongs to God. And He will still work through it for His…