Luke 19-24: The Crucified King

Luke 19-24: The Crucified King

Luke 19-24: The Crucified King

Hearts Warmed Up

At the end of Luke 23, things look pretty bad for Jesus’ followers. They have seen him, the one who was meant to redeem Israel, tortured and crucified. They are grief stricken (23:48). And yet, by the end of Luke 24, we read this; “And they stayed continually at the temple, praising God” (24:53). What has happened? How do these cold, sad hearts become warm, joyful hearts? The answer, of course, is that the Crucified King has become the Risen King! Listen as we explore Luke 24 and consider what Jesus’ followers saw that made their cold hearts warm.

His Cross, Our…

The cross of Christ is the centre of Luke’s Gospel, the centre of our Christian faith and the centre of history. But what does it mean to you? Listen as we explore the meaning of the cross for us.

Loved by the King

Jesus died for us guilty sinners. Like Judas the betrayer, Peter the denier and even the soldiers who mocked him, we are guilty of sin, yet because of his love our guilt can be taken away. How will you respond to the love of Jesus?

Jesus’ Death – The Meaning & The Memory

Most people have a rather shallow understanding of the Easter story eg. Jesus died a cruel, painful, unjust death, somehow this death takes away sin etc. But what does it actually mean? In this passage Jesus tells us himself. We see how His death was the fulfilment of the Old Testament as He personally became the full and final Passover sacrifice, the author of a completely new covenant between God and man, and the suffering, servant Messiah promised 700 years earlier by the prophet Isaiah. Because of this it is now possible to be forgiven and to know God personally. If you’re a Christian, that’s worth celebrating! If you’re not, why don’t you put your faith in Jesus today?

Be Ready

Jesus, will one day come on the clouds in power and glory to judge the world and redeem his people. Tonight’s passage challenges us to ask ourselves whether we are ready for this day. If he could come tomorrow, how should we be living now?

The King Responds

Listen as Pastor Dave continues our series in Luke’s gospel, this time looking at the King’s response to those who questioned him.

The new King Arrives

A new kind of King is here. Jesus, the King of kings has arrived and everyone must decide how they’ll respond to this King. Listen as we begin a new series in the last section of Luke’s Gospel. Let us consider own own response to the new King.