Facing the Future - hope and comfort in an uncertain world

Facing the Future - hope and comfort in an uncertain world

Death, Resurrection, Eternal Life

It’s not surprising that death is a bit of a taboo subject in our culture. It’s not easy to talk about. But we must. How should we view death as Christians? And what happens when I die? These are the questions we’ll ask of the Bible in this message as we continue our Facing the Future series.

Differing views about the end times (part 2)

Revelation 20:1-10 The end times have always been a source of speculation and debate among Christians, and no more so than how we understand (a) the role of Israel and (b) the question of the 1000 year millennial reign of Christ in the last days. For some Christians these subjects barely make it onto their radar, while for others they demand compulsive attention. In this message Pastor Murray gives us a balanced overview of the main positions adopted by evangelicals,…

Differing views about the end times (part 1)

While no serious believer doubts the fact of Christ’s return, many will have differing views on the events and key people who will play important roles in the lead up to that day. Today we look in greater detail at some of these: tribulations, antichrists, the beast, Armageddon and apostasy in the church. And what do we make of the so-called ‘Great Tribulation’ and ‘the Antichrist’? Perhaps this message will help clarify for you what the Bible says about these…

Jesus is coming back!

Any discussion about the future from a Christian perspective inevitably centres on one key event – the second coming of Christ. And in the Christian worldview, all of history is heading towards that climax. Everywhere we look the New Testament is littered with this teaching. But does it make any practical difference to our lives? In this message we see afresh the relevance of this important doctrine for our faith today. And with the saints of old we also cry…