Elijah: Just like us

Elijah: Just like us

Elijah: Just like us

“And Elijah went up to heaven”

There comes a time when everyone has to face their own mortality. Often this happens when attending a funeral or, even more confronting, seeing a coffin lowered into a grave. But is this “the end”? The story of Elijah’s departure from this world is definitely unusual but it raises some very interesting questions about end-of-life issues. Certainly the Bible doesn’t give us answers to all these questions, but in tonight’s message Pastor Murray removes some of the fog around some of them. Heaven is a reality, and the prospect of eternal life should be a powerful incentive for everyone whose confidence is firmly anchored in the living Lord Jesus Christ.

Ahaziah’s downfall

Listen as Pastor Dave shares a warning from 2 Kings 1:1-18 about rejecting God’s grace and ignoring His word.

You can’t fool God

For thousands of years human nature has been creating a world in which sins like selfishness, greed, pride, anger, lust, deception, exploitation, corruption etc. keep finding contemporary ways to express themselves. Society changes, but what’s wrong with society remains basically the same. And this calls for some brutal honesty. No matter how hard we may try to ignore God or reject Him, He won’t go away, and only he can effectively deal with the problem of sin. Modern attempts to rename or redefine or re-categorize sin make no difference to God. Unless we face the truth about our own sinfulness, then we will one day surely face the judgement of God, just as Ahab and Jezebel did… and every one of us will!

Feeling down

After his experience on Mt Carmel, you’d think that Elijah would’ve been feeling pretty good. However, things with Ahab and Jezebel haven’t turned out like he’d expected and he’s left feeling spiritually down. Like Elijah, many of us will face disappointments which leave us feeling spiritually down. How do we navigate these times? In his dealings with Elijah, God shows us how we can continue on in the Christian life, even when we feel this way.

Undivided allegiances

Tonight we hear from Obadiah, King Ahab’s palace administrator. Listen as he describes what happened when Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel. Let us consider what it means to be people who are undivided in their allegiance to the Living God.

An ordinary servant

Under King Ahab, Israel had reached a spiritual low point, having turned their backs on the living God to worship the pagan god, Baal. Into this context comes an ordinary man, Elijah. What God does through Elijah over the following years is extraordinary. However, before God uses him, he needs to prepare Elijah for what lies before him. Listen as we are introduced to Elijah, God’s ordinary servant. Let us consider how God might prepare us to serve him in a world that has turned its back on the living God.