Christmas 2021 - The Weary World Rejoices!

Christmas 2021 - The Weary World Rejoices!

The slave is our brother

Philemon The weary world rejoices, for in being reconciled to God in Christ, we are also reconciled to one another in Christ, so sharing in mutual fellowship with all those who belong to Christ, no matter how different they are or appear to be.

His Law is Love

1 John 3 In this passage, the apostle John notes three key truth’s about God’s love that are revealed in the Christmas narrative: love was always God’s intention, love is freely gifted, and love is demonstrated to others.

To our weakness is no stranger

Hebrews 4:14-5:3 At so many levels, we live in a weary world. We are all looking for a way out of this situation but our only real hope is in the One who transcends our reality because he lives eternally in heaven. In Christ, God has entered our weary world to redeem it and will one day renew the whole creation. What a glorious hope to rejoice in as we celebrate Christmas!