Sermons on Romans

Sermons on Romans


God’s overflow of grace

Romans 11:11-32 It is here in the book of Romans that we encounter another issue. What are Paul’s readers to make of the fact that Israel has rejected Christ? God’s chosen nation appear to be lost. What is next for them? Will they remain blind to God’s grace forever? Does God still love them? In verses 11-32 of Romans 11, the apostle Paul addresses these burning questions.


Romans 11:1-10 Part 3 of Paul’s argument in Romans 9-11. God’s grace to obstinate Israel is seen in his preserving a remnant. This message reminds us that at the heart of the gospel is grace – God’s kindness to undeserving sinners.

Responding to grace

Romans 9:30-10:21 If God has taken the initiative in bringing salvation by grace, through faith, in Christ, how should we respond to God’s sovereign, electing grace? Beginning with Israel’s wrong response, the Apostle Paul encourages us to both believe and to proclaim the gospel message.


Romans 9:1-29, 11:33-36 This passage introduces a tension which the rest of Romans 9-11 seeks to resolve. How are we to reconcile the incredible promises and privileges given to Israel with their present rejection of the Messiah (and yet the Gentiles have received him)? Has God’s word failed? (9:6) Has God rejected his people? (11:1) Is there any future hope for Israel? (11:11) These questions and more are addressed in the chapters to follow, as Paul helps the Roman church…

No longer condemned

Various; Romans 3:20-26 We need Easter to be true because we stand condemned as unrighteous sinners. Through Christ’s death on our behalf, God puts our sin on Jesus and gives us the righteousness of Christ. We are no longer condemned! This is truly excellent news, that not only brings us joy but is worth sharing!

The Believer’s Celebration

Romans 8:31-39 Having uncovered so much precious treasure as we have journeyed through Romans 1-8, Paul asks us “what, then, shall we say in response to these things?” Let us celebrate the wonderful privileges which belong to those who are in Christ. Who can be against us? Who can condemn us? Who can separate us from God’s love? No one!

Groaning and Glory

Romans 8:18-30 There is a sense of incompleteness that characterises our present experience. We live in the tension between the already and the not yet. We groan, along with creation and the Holy Spirit while waiting for the incompleteness of our present experience to be overcome once and for all, as it will for all those who belong to Christ.

Life in the Spirit

Romans 8:1-17 Having described the struggle against indwelling sin that Christians continue to experience, we are left with the question, “Can we be sure that salvation by grace alone really works?” “Can we have assurance?” Paul’s answer in Romans 8:1-17, is a richly trinitarian one, and one which specifically highlights the present ministry of the Holy Spirit to the believer.


Romans 7 In Romans 7, Paul focuses on the place of the law in the life of the Christian. He does this by describing three important relationships: between the believer and the law, the law and sin, and the believer’s old and new natures.

Who’s in charge here?

Romans 6:15-23 In this second half of Romans 6, Paul reminds us that we have been set free from slavery to sin (which leads to death) and become slaves to righteousness (which leads to eternal life) – and so we must now offer ourselves in service to God.