Sermons on Mark

Sermons on Mark


Greatness in the Kingdom of God

Mark 9:30-37 We all have predispositions when it comes to understanding what constitutes ‘greatness’. Wile we may attribute factors such as success and influence as indications of greatness, in this passage Jesus redefines what it means to be truly great in the eyes of God.

2020 Vision

Mark 10:46-52The story of Bartimaeus reminds us that only Jesus can fix our spiritual eyes and that Jesus is the only one on whom our eyes should be fixed. Whatever our personal goals or ambitions might be for 2020, let us prioritise seeing Christ – crucified, risen, reigning and returning – more clearly.

The rich young ruler

Listen as Pastor Dave looks at three reasons the rich young ruler failed to gain the certainty he so desperately longed for.

Suffering & serving in a “me first” world

Humility is not natural to 99% of people. And if it is, then usually we assume the reason is some sort of inferiority complex or psychological deficiency. Some form of pride lurks beneath the surface in every one of us, and this respect the disciples of Jesus were no different to us (as we see in today’s passage). Jesus seized this moment to teach them just how totally opposite His values are compared with the self-promoting, self-seeking values of the world. His followers are to embrace a life and lifestyle of personal suffering and serving others, just like He himself demonstrated when He went to the cross. But what does this look like in practice? Listen in as Pastor Murray helps us understand how to live as a servant of Jesus in today’s “me first” world.

The Crucified King

Soon after His birth Jesus was worshipped as “King of the Jews” by wise men from the east. Years later He burst onto the public stage with the message: “The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news.” The sign above His head as He died read: “The king of the Jews”. A day is coming when He will finally put an end to all evil and be known as “King of kings and Lord of lords”. This King gave His life for you and me. He is more than king of the Jews. He is King and Lord over every one of us. Have you bowed before Him with a thankful heart? Let Him reign in your life today.