Sermons on John

Sermons on John


The arrest of Jesus

John 18:1-14 The divine authority and foreknowledge of Jesus are on full display even as the Son of God prepares to face the cross. This account of his arrest should give us the confidence to continue trusting in our Saviour!

Following Jesus

John 1:35-42 At the beginning of a new year, we ask “what do we mean when we say we are followers of Jesus? What does this look like?” Followers of Jesus trust him, spend time with him listening to and learning from him, and embrace the new life he calls us to.

Into the Darkness

John 1:4-9 Christmas begs us to be honest with ourselves about the state of our world, but also about the state of our hearts. Jesus is the true light that gives light to everyone who came into the world (John 1:9). His divine light shines into the darkness of our world and reaches into the dark corners of our hearts. Light proclaims the truth. Light reveals the way. Light brings life.

Jesus’ prayer for you

John 17:20-26 We usually know what we want for ourselves, and what we really want most is often revealed in what we pray for. But what does Jesus really want for us? Jesus’ prayer in John 17:20-26 is, in many ways, our answer to this question, and it may surprise us.