Sermons on Jeremiah

Sermons on Jeremiah


Being blessed

Listen as we consider how we can be blessed by God even though we have hearts which are prone to turning away from him.

A King for the Broken-hearted

Jeremiah critiqued many things in the nation of Judah in which he lived. Among them was the kind of society that this idolatrous nation was building. The poor, the widow, the orphan, and the refugee were being overlooked and left vulnerable. Tonight we see Jeremiah bring this theme to the fore and in doing so he reveals something shocking about the heart that was behind these social abuses.

Ben Cumberford: The New Covenant

God made a covenant with Israel, but Israel broke that covenant and that led to big problems for Israel. God was not happy to let his people suffer and through Jeremiah, God promised a new covenant that couldn’t be broken. This promised new covenant began with the life and death of Jesus. By understanding the hopes of the Old Testament like this one, the life and work of Jesus takes on more meaning and colour.