Sermons on Isaiah

Sermons on Isaiah


The LORD has spoken

Isaiah 1:1-31This message begins a new series from the book of Isaiah, apart from the Psalms, the longest in the Old Testament. Of all the OT books, Isaiah most clearly points us to Christ and the gospel of God’s saving grace. As a prophet Isaiah’s task was to declare faithfully and courageously what God was saying to the people of Jerusalem and Judah …. and to us today. In this message we see the LORD exposing three key areas of…

A Unique Backstory

To understand the story of Christmas we have to go right back to the Garden of Eden.  What happened there brought darkness into the world.  The Old Testament records for us the long, sad story of sin and failure.  For thousands of years all attempts to solve the world’s problems failed.  But God refused to give up on the world and the people He had made.  He promised that one day a Son from the descendants of King David would…

You are loved

The Israelites find themselves as captives in another land and they are afraid. God reminded them through Isaiah his prophet that they had no need to fear because he is the supreme God, they are his people, he is with them. He is their God, who loves them and will go to extreme lengths to free them. An encouragement to us knowing that through Jesus we are God’s people also, his children in fact (John 1:10-14). And he has gone to the most extreme length to free us also (John 3:16).