Sermons on Galatians

Sermons on Galatians


Found in Christ

Galatians 3:23-29 Whether or not we speak in these terms, every human being is on a search for our “true self.” But the Bible makes it clear that our search will always be futile while we remain disconnected from God. The key to discovering our true self is to understand who we are in Christ. In him, we truly find ourselves.

Empowered Through Christ

Romans 8:1-13, Galatians 5:13-26 The work of Christ on the cross transforms the believer, from death to life, from dark to light. But this transformation must then be lived out day by day, as we seek to go the distance in the Christian life. God’s Holy Spirit transforms our sinful desires and empowers us to live transformed lives as we cooperate with his work in our lives.

Joe Khan: Now You Are Free

We love the gospel reality that we have been set free from the Law… that Christianity is not a hard slog up an impossible mountain of rules and regulations but a glorious rest in the work of Jesus on the cross. But I wonder how often we think about what our freedom is for. We hear NT teaching and our pastors calling us to spiritual disciplines like prayer, bible reading, evangelism and the like and it sounds suspiciously like the law we are supposed to be free from. Tonight Pastor Joe from Rosalie Baptist examines how we can use truly embrace our freedom and how spiritual disciplines are not laws that must be followed but one of the greatest expressions of our freedom.