Sermons on Esther

Sermons on Esther


God’s Great Triumph

Esther 8-10 The final chapters of the Book of Esther record a great reversal in fortunes for the Jewish people – events which are celebrated to this day in the Jewish festival of Purim. The Unseen God comes through to miraculously deliver his people. But in Christ, God has both made himself visible and intervened in history to deliver us, and God’s great triumph through Christ is to be celebrated eternally!

Where is God in all this mess?

Esther 1-3 The Book of Esther is a simple story of how a Jewish girl became Queen of Persia and saved God’s people from a plot to destroy them. But it is so much more! It introduces us to a chaotic and challenging world of self-interest, manipulation and moral ambiguity – a world, not unlike our own. Now, as then, we must ask, where is God in all the mess?