Sermons on Daniel

Sermons on Daniel


Faith in the Fire (Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego)

Daniel 3:1-30 How real is your faith? How will it stand up when tested? Three Jewish men in Babylon faced the ultimate test when ordered to bow down to a pagan image at the risk of death in a super-heated furnace. Trusting God they refused to bow down, went into the fire, and were delivered by God in the most remarkable way. The ultimate fire we all face is hell, and Christ is able to deliver forever those who trust…

Will the real man please stand up?

Is there any such thing as a ‘stereotypical man’ these days? Where do you look for decent role models of manhood? No wonder many boys are growing up with identity confusion. One man whose life is worth a closer look is Daniel. Though now in his eighties, the most important facets of his life are put under the microscope when he defied the king’s order by continuing to worship God. Here we see a real man whose life was founded on a deeply personal relationship with his God, and the evidence is absolutely unmistakable. God was at the very centre of his life and everything else flowed from there. That’s a real man! A godly man! Does God make that sort of difference in our lives?

Living for God in the end times

When will Jesus return? What will it be like in the end times? How should we prepare for life in those days? How we would like to know the answers to these questions! In Daniel chapters 10-12 God gives Daniel an awesome vision of life in the future, initially encompassing the next 400 years, but then projecting forward to the end of time when a climactic battle will take place. In the lead up to this battle Christians will experience great suffering. But the forces of Satan (under a particularly evil king) will be finally and comprehensively defeated (probably in Israel). On that day all God’s people will enter eternal life, while those who don’t belong to Him will be eternally rejected. Are you ready for that day? Does your life show it?

Lessons on Prayer

Listen as Pastor Dave looks at some lessons we can learn about effective prayer from Daniel chapter 9.

The Lord of History

Tonight we continue our Daniel series with the first of the visions in chapters 7-12. We live in troubled times. Violence, the struggle for power and suffering seem to characterise our world. It’s sad and scary. In these troubled times, we might ask this question; “who’s in charge?” Listen as we discover how Daniel 7 answers that question. Let us think about how this answer ought to affect our lives today.

A Picture of Sin

Our world doesn’t talk a lot about sin. But when it does, there are so many different voices we could listen to. Everyone seems to have a different understanding of or attitude towards sin! As Christians, we can find ourselves a little confused about sin. What is sin? What does it mean to be a sinner? What things are sin, what things aren’t? When it comes to the topic of sin, there is one voice that we should listen to above all others; the voice of God. In Daniel 5, we meet Belshazzar, a picture of sin. Listen as we see what God has to say about the nature and reality of sin, and of course, it’s consequences. Let us consider again the reality of sin in our own lives, that we might truly appreciate what Jesus has done for us.

Declaring True Wisdom

Daniel knew that God is the only source of true wisdom. He found himself with the opportunity to declare God’s wisdom to a pagan king who needed to hear it. Our world is equally desperate to hear the wisdom of God – even when it won’t admit it! The question is, will we keep it to ourselves or be like Daniel and declare it to those who need to hear it?

Resolving to Stand for God

Listen as Pastor Dave continues our examination of Daniel chapter 1 and take a look at what it means to live for Christ in a Secular World.

Signs that we’re strangers

Tonight we begin our new series, Daniel: Strangers in a secular world. We begin by looking at the circumstances in which Daniel and his friends found themselves as exiles in Babylon. All the signs pointed to the fact that they were “out of place,” living as strangers in a foreign land. In the same way, we who follow Jesus live as “strangers” in this world. We must work out how we will remain involved in this world while continuing to stand firm in our faith.