Sermons on Colossians (Page 2)

Sermons on Colossians (Page 2)


Christ is Enough

Listen as Pastor Dave shares from Colossians 1 about why Jesus is all that we need as Christians.

A Prayer for Spiritual Growth

When you hear of a friend in trouble, and they’re hundreds of kilometres away, you can feel pretty helpless. But there’s one thing you can do, and that’s pray! Paul was in prison in Rome but he prayed for the people in the Colossian church. They were becoming confused because of the influence of false teachers. So Paul prayed for God to strengthen their faith in three ways: by transforming their minds, their way of life, and their hearts. He wanted them to know God’s will better (mind), to live more distinctively as Christians (life), and to be more joyful and thankful because of what Jesus has done (heart). This is a powerful combination in a Christian’s life, and a great testimony to the unique, saving and keeping power of Jesus Christ.

A church needing reassurance

The Colossian church faced false teachers who were introducing new ideas into the church. These false teachers were not only challenging the truth of the gospel as it had been taught but they were also questioning the authenticity of the faith of some in the church. Paul begins his letter with an expression of thanksgiving which reassures the Colossians that they have, in fact, heard the true gospel and that they are true Christians.

David Lamont: 2016 – It’s all about Jesus

New Year’s resolutions fail. Permanent and lasting change only comes through Jesus, because he is supreme in everything and gives the power to change. Indeed, the whole universe, time etc. including our lives is not about us, but about Him, and about God’s plan to bring us into the kingdom of the Son he loves. Our response to this is to live accordingly based on the hope we have in the gospel and surrender every aspect of our lives to Him.

“Lord, please change me”

We like to think of the Christian life as smooth-sailing and relatively free from the sins and evils of this world. But for most Christians the journey involves many challenges which affect our growth and progress in the Christian life. We know God wants us to become increasingly like Christ, but so often we find ourselves battling with our own sinfulness and the devil’s schemes. How can we change? How can we overcome those sinful habits or defeat those recurring temptations? In this message Pastor Murray urges us to honest self-examination and serious action, so that with God’s help we really can change and grow, and become more like Christ.
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