Sermons on Acts

Sermons on Acts


No Barriers

Acts 8:26-40 The story of the baptism of the Ethiopian eunuch is a reminder that because of Jesus, there are no more barriers between us and God. In this story we see God overcome three barriers (1) the eunuch’s lack of understanding concerning Jesus, (2) the eunuch’s sin (3) the eunuch’s imperfect body (which excluded him from worship). There are no barriers which exist between us and God that God is not able to overcome. The eunuch’s response is to…

Aquila & Priscilla – Discerning Discipleship

Acts 18 Aquila and Priscilla play a vital role in the discipleship and ministry journey of Apollos. Their decision to gently and humbly correct the inadequacies of his teaching meant that he was mobilised for further gospel ministry and greater impact for the kingdom of God, and it is an example we can all learn from.

Lydia – Gospel Hospitality

Acts 16:11-40 As the gospel comes to Philippi, it immediately takes a hold of the life of Lydia, one outworking of which is her gospel-driven hospitality. Just as her hospitality is able to bless both the missionary team and her local church, so our own gospel hospitality has the potential to bless others and to enable gospel progress in various ways.


Acts 9, 22 Ananias played a vital role in one of the most significant moments in church history. Today we’ll reflect on what it was that made Ananias just the right guy for this moment.

The Seven

Acts 6:1-7 A problem has arisen in the early church, a problem which has the potential to distract the church and its leaders from the ministry of the word. The choosing of “The Seven” models for us a way for churches to deal with distractions so that it is able to keep doing what God has called it to do.

Barnabas – Son of Encouragement

Acts 4:32-37 & 11:22-26 There is something uniquely powerful in examining the life of a person who embodies a great idea. Barnabas plays a unique role in the early church, especially by being a source of encouragement to others. We see him this exemplify this throughout the Book of Acts in various contexts, in various ways, and with great impact on the progress of the gospel.

Devoted to Prayer

Acts 2 and others On Pentecost Sunday, we begin a week of praying for revival. But what are we praying for when we pray for revival? We seek that God would do (1) His ordinary work (2) in an extraordinary way (3) that affects an entire community.


Acts 16 How did God get your attention and show you that you needed Jesus? For the Philippian gaoler, it required an earthquake! As we celebrate baptisms together, let us consider how his story can encourage and challenge us.

In the Name of Jesus

Acts 3:1-10 As we begin another year of ministry as a church family, it is good to be reminded of the power and authority of Jesus’ name. It is by his strength and in his name that we serve each other and our world.

The story of a radically changed life

Acts 25:23-26:32 Everyone has a personal story to tell, and every story is different. Called before the governor, king, military hierarchy and civic leaders of Caesarea, the apostle Paul told his story – the story of how he went from being a fanatical persecutor of Christians to becoming arguably the greatest campaigner for the gospel the world has ever known. What happened? He had a profound personal encounter with the risen Lord Jesus. Do you have a story of meeting…