Sermons on 2 Timothy

Sermons on 2 Timothy

2 Timothy

Can we trust the Bible today?

2 Timothy 3:14-4:5 For some people the Bible is just another book and it contains errors of science, history and grammar. Others have a much higher view and believe it implicitly. But why should we trust it? What makes it different from every other book ever written? Is it really God’s Word to us? In this message Pastor Murray looks at how we got the Bible and why we can be confident that it is the inspired, infallible, authoritative Word…

Challenge to a young pastor

Today we welcome a new pastor to our team at City North. What does God’s Word say to a young pastor about his life and ministry? Actually, quite a lot… especially in the pastoral epistles (1 & 2 Timothy and Titus). In what appears to be the last letter he wrote from his prison cell before being martyred, Paul wrote to Timothy to urge him on. Stir up the gift God has given you! Be strong in the face of opposition! Be clear about the gospel message! Don’t deviate one millimetre from it, even when it’s unpopular to be a gospel man! See yourself as a guardian of this gospel to your generation! Be willing to suffer for it, if necessary! It’s getting harder to be a preacher and pastor in Australia today. May God continue to raise up more Pauls and Timothys today.

The High Calling Of Being A Mother

It seems as though our culture today is confused about the role of motherhood. On the on hand it champions the place of women and celebrates childbirth, yet at the same time it suggests that when it comes to the task of raising children and managing your home, this is in some way the last option for women and not her first choice. The role of those who chose to stay at home and raise their children is often discounted and at times demeaned. Listen as Pastor Dave looks at what the Bible has to say about the role of motherhood, that it is indeed a high calling and sacred duty that ultimately points our children to Jesus.