Sermons on 1 John

Sermons on 1 John

1 John

His Law is Love

1 John 3 In this passage, the apostle John notes three key truth’s about God’s love that are revealed in the Christmas narrative: love was always God’s intention, love is freely gifted, and love is demonstrated to others.

A Unique Baby

Millions of babies are born every year around the world.  Billions have been born throughout history.  But one baby born 2000 years ago was unlike any other baby ever born.  The birth of Jesus was absolutely unique, but why?  Listen in as Pastor Murray shares with us three special reasons that help us understand the true meaning of Christmas, and make it relevant to each of us personally. John 1:1-5  and  1 John 1:1-4

Greg Beaumont: No doubt

We live in a world where doubt is the default state. We are told that nothing can be truly be known. John pushes us to see that Christian’s have no reason for doubt by describing true faith in three areas – its origin, its object and its outflows. Finally, he wraps up by describing the witnesses for Christian faith. In all this he shows us that Christians can know for sure that we will inherit eternal life through Jesus Christ.

Encountering God’s love

The Apostle John encountered the extraordinary love of God on that first Easter. From his writings, it is clear that he never got over just how amazing God’s love for us is. On Easter Sunday, let John remind us again of the extraordinary, life changing love of God.

Test the spirits

In tonight’s passage, John urges us to test all teaching we hear and he gives us a framework by which we can discern between truth and error.

Greg Beaumont: Motivations to fight sin

The fight against sin in the Christian life is incredibly difficult. In this passage, John points out three objective realities to help motivate his readers to fight hard against sin. But not only this, John uses these objective realities to show that for a Christian, a life of ongoing sin is simply incompatible and that they should not be deceived by anyone who tells them different!
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